Spinnerfish: "Incoming craft, this is Spinnerfish, Galactic Alliance Second Fleet. Cut your sublight engines and identify yourself immediately."
Lando: "Hello! I'm Bescat Offdurmin, master of the private yacht Looooove Commander! What's a Spinnerfish?"
―Lando, attempting to run the blockade of Corellia[src]

The Love Commander was a SoroSuub 2400 yacht. Its original owner lost the ship in a sabacc game to Lando Calrissian. It had a sky-blue and green exterior paint job and specially rebuilt sublight engines which gave it considerable speed in realspace, despite its mediocre hyperspace capabilities. The interior of the ship was lavishly decorated, including a replica of a famous waterfall on Naboo, although the yacht did boast hidden weapons, including a laser turret and a missile launcher, and a shield generator. However, one weakness of the ship's defensive capabilities was its relatively long power up time.

After Jacen Solo ordered an attack on the Millennium Falcon which severely damaged it, Lando loaned the use of Love Commander to Han and Leia Solo, coming along with them to act as the ship's captain. Since the ship was still registered under the original owner's name, it would be much less conspicuous for them to use than their own ship or another one of Lando's. Calrissian had a habit of referring to the ship as Looooove Commander in communications, partly to enhance the verisimilitude of his Bescat Offdurmin alias. The ship was able to penetrate the blockade over Corellia and evade a TIE Crawler. While escaping from the planet, the ship helped down a CR90 corvette trying to stop them.

After Jacen Solo attacked Kashyyyk, Lando and the Love Commander helped to help fight the fires started by Anakin Solo's long-range turbolasers. When Lando discovered that his wife was pregnant, he left the Love Commander with Han and Leia Solo for firefighting purposes and any others for which they could use it.

Leia and, covertly, Jagged Fel, Zekk, Han and Jaina Solo used the ship to gain access to Jacen's flagship. The "Alema-hunters" and Han stayed in the smuggling compartments of the Love Commander until they were able to sneak out and complete their information-gathering mission on Jacen's personal shuttle and escape.



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