Lieutenant Lowen Chase was a human male starfighter pilot serving with the New Republic Defense Force. In 6 ABY, he was captured by forces loyal to Moff Kentor Sarne and tortured. When standard techniques failed, he was transferred to the penal colony at the Q'Maere Research Facility on the planet Q'Maere and officially logged as "terminated".

Under the ministrations of Doctor Langstyn Kraay, Chase was subjected to an intense series of breakdown techniques and mental torture. Chase managed to resist the procedures and keep his personality intact, but he started to develop a schizoid personality, becoming paranoid and egomaniacal. In 8 ABY, Sarne stripped the facility of much of its staff and military personnel, and Kraay transferred Chase to the main prison population and ended the interrogation sessions.

Chase's natural leadership skills and charisma allowed him to organize the prison population, and began to work on an escape plan. He also met Corla Unser, a fellow prisoner, and the two fell in love. However, due to their situation, the pair decided to hold off on a relationship until they were free.

Several weeks after Sarne's stripping of the facility, new prisoners arrived—a landing party from the New Republic vessel FarStar. Chase questioned them, gauging their responses to determine if they were genuine members of the New Republic or spies sent in by Kraay. Satisfied that they were telling the truth, Chase led them to the catatonic form of Captain Keleman Ciro after recognizing the mission patch on their uniforms as matching one on Ciro's clothing.

Chase shared his escape plan with the FarStar landing party, and they modified, taking advantage of their own ideas and skills to ensure its success. After breaking out of the prison block, Chase led the prisoners in taking over the facility. With the outpost under their control, Chase volunteered to join the crew of the FarStar.

Personality and traitsEdit

Chase was a brave, charming, forth-right, and upstanding member of the New Republic. A natural leader, he was also practical and was initially suspicious of the FarStar arrivals since he believe they could have been spies sent in by Kraay.

However, the results of his mental interrogation began to show, resulting in paranoid behavior and occasional flashes of egomania.



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