The Lower City Apartments were a collection of slums and run-down dwellings on the ecumenopolis that was the planet of Taris. Largely inhabited by the desperate or those not wishing to be found, it was generally an inadvisable place for the careless or the uninitiated to wander freely.

Revan visited this place during a forced stay on Taris. While here, he witnessed the murder of Luugro by Calo Nord's hand as the bounty hunter claimed yet another prize. Afterwards, Revan and his companions cleansed the area of lowly gangsters and thugs who had set up several unsavory operations there.

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There are also several bounties to be collected in these two areas of the Lower City, obtainable from Zax the Hutt in Javyar's Cantina. In addition, some relatively useful items can be claimed from abandoned footlockers.

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