The Lower Industrial Sector was a region on Nar Shaddaa that housed some of the oldest industrial facilities and warehouses that were still in use on the moon. Some of these dated back to hundreds of years and were constructed by the Evocii that had built the city. Despite layers of rust, new tenants continued to make use of the areas resources.[1]

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By the Cold War, the Sith Empire made use of the region to operate a series of front corporations from Nar Shaddaa that were concentrated in the lower levels. These companies provided experimental weapons and technologies to the Sith at a discount rate along with facilitated the slave trade that fueled the Empire's labor across the galaxy. In addition, the Imperials used the Sector as a clearinghouse for cargo, credits and individuals that were being moved through non-Empire space.[1]

The Hutt Cartel also established and maintained an interest in the Sector.Those buildings not leased to the Empire stored spice, adrenals and implants. The warehouses in the Lower Industrial Sector were heavily guarded as a result and there were some rumors in the Cold War era that they were being used to hide special projects of individual Hutts who attempted to shield them from their rivals.[1]

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