"I haven't got my whole life to spend watching you annoy her into submission."
―Luana Treftite, to her interrogation officer[src]

Major Luana Teftite was an Imperial Army commander in charge of their hidden garrison on Zelos II. She captured two Rebels but failed to contain them and was forced to reveal the base to the local governor. This subsequently led to Imperial expulsion from the planet.


Imperial careerEdit

Luana Treftite was a Human female who grew up in the time of the Galactic Republic. Her parents were loyal to this institution, and regaled her with stories of the Jedi Order. As a child, Treftite aspired to become a Jedi Knight, but found she lacked the self-discipline. Instead, as she grew older, she became attracted to the Galactic Empire and its promises of power. She embraced the New Order and joined the Imperial military.[1]

In the Imperial military, Treftite rose to the rank of major and was appointed garrison commander on Zelos II, a backwater planet[1] in the south-east portion of the Mid Rim.[2] Officially, Zelos II was a neutral planet, and so the Imperial installation was kept a secret from the local Zelosians, including their Governor Galleros Nul. This was achieved by constructing the facility within the Valley of Umbra, a valley 500 meters deep and surrounded by mountainous overhangs; consequently, the valley was always in shadow. The native Zelosians, who had virtually no night vision and believed that darkness was evil, never visited the Valley. Their superstition was heightened by rumors that the valley was home to walking dead. In reality, local parasites simulated electric stimuli in corpses that caused them to walk. This macabre phenomenon terrified the local Zelosians, but delighted Treftite. Due to its secluded location, the garrison was only at half strength.[1]

The particular characteristics of her assignment caused some problems for Treftite. During her administration of the garrison, she lost several personnel to the dangerous nightlife on Zelos.[1]

She also lost several of her stormtroopers in an avalanche. These became animated by the local parasite and "walked" into the city Lyn, arousing suspicions in the local populace. The secrecy of Treftite's command was also compromised when one of her guards was driven mad by too many night sentry shifts. He began terrorizing the population of Kryndyn, the capital city of Zelos II, committing arson and robbery. Treftite was unwilling to eliminate the wayward guard due to the risk of revealing the Imperial presence on the world. She also protected the Imperial secrecy on the planet by regularly sending intelligence personnel disguised as traders into Kryndyn to check on visitors to the planet. On one such occasion, her personnel discovered New Republic sympathizers trying to uncover Imperial influence on the world.[1]

Failure on Zelos IIEdit

Around two months after the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, Treftite's troops discovered a team of Rebel Alliance operatives investigating her base. This team was swiftly defeated; the one surviving woman, Jai Raventhorn, was taken captive. Shortly afterwards, another man investigating the rebels disappearance, Dirk Harkness, was also captured. Treftite took personal interest in their interrogation, overseeing the round black interrogation droid as it went about its work. Both proved remarkably resistant but Treftite continued to torture them for her own personal enjoyment.[3]

Treftite hostage

Jai Raventhorn holds Treftite hostage.

Treftite was unable to capitalize on her captures, however, and she made a fatal error while interrogating Raventhorn. After four days of ineffective interrogation, the major decided to get at Raventhorn by torturing Harkness. She announced this plan in front of Raventhorn, which gave the Rebel operative enough motivation to spring up and grab Treftite's blaster. Taking her captive, Raventhorn forced her to call the Zelosian governor, Galleros Nul, and reveal the secret Imperial base. Proceeding out of the interrogation block with Treftite as her hostage, Raventhorn encountered Dirk Harkness and his two companions who had infiltrated the garrison in an attempt to rescue him. The infiltrators, Platt Okeefe and Tru'eb Cholakk, had caught the garrison off guard, but by this point they had organized themselves and surrounded the escaping Rebels.[3]

However, with their major taken hostage, and the threat of an impending air raid, the Imperial troops fled the base, allowing the rebels to escape in Treftite's own shuttle. She was then handed to over to the Rebel Alliance. Zelos II also joined the Rebel Alliance in reaction to revealed Imperial presence.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

Luana Treftite had pale skin, icy blue eyes, and pale blonde hair; this, she tied up in a tight bun. She had a cold beauty about her, heightened by her severe appearance. Even when off-duty, she wore her military uniform.[1]

Luana Treftite was an ambitious woman. As a child, she aspired to be a Jedi Knight, but she lacked their clarity of thought and pure motives. Instead, she was motivated by a desire for power—she also lacked the patience to master her will as required by the Jedi way. Her desire for power led her to the Empire, which required rejecting the peaceful ways of her parents. She achieved the rank of Major, and although stationed on the backwater world of Zelos II, she aspired to greater command posts.[1]

Treftite was delighted by the phenomenon on Zelos where parasites caused corpses to move. The natives believed these corpses were reanimated, elicting terror among the Zelosians. Treftite kept the secret of the corpses secret, preferring that the population remained terrified.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Luana Treftite was created by John Terra as part of the Zelos II entry in Planets of the Galaxy, Volume Two, published by West End Games in 1992. Along with a biography, the sourcebook also included a number of adventure ideas, some of which included Treftite. The outcome of these adventures were not specified. The information from Planets of the Galaxy, Volume Two was later republished as part of a collection in The Star Wars Planets Collection, released in 1994. Treftite also appeared in the short story Gathering Shadows, written by Kathy Burdette and published as part of the Tales from the New Republic anthology in 1999. This story had originally been slated to be published in Star Wars Adventure Journal 16 in early 1998; however, the Star Wars Adventure Journal was cancelled prior to this issue.



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