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Lucasfilm Ltd. (LFL) is an American film production company founded by George Lucas in 1971, based in Marin County, California. Kathleen Kennedy is currently its president. It is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company.

The company is best known for producing the Star Wars and Indiana Jones films, but it has produced other box-office hits. It has also been a leader in developing new film technology in special effects, sound, and computer animation, and because of their expertise its subsidiaries often help produce non-Lucasfilm pictures.

Organization of the company[edit | edit source]

Lucasfilm was reorganized to consolidate all the companies to be under Lucasfilm. Today, Lucasfilm is made up of six divisions:

  • Lucasfilm – film and television production and promotion
  • Lucas Digital – company composed of Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) and Skywalker Sound. This company may not exist any longer since the Walt Disney Company reorganization.
    • Industrial Light & Magic – digital and visual effects for the entertainment industry
    • Skywalker Sound – post-production sound editing for the entertainment industry
    • ILMxLAB – virtual reality, mixed reality, real-time cinema, theme-park entertainment and narrative-based entertainment for future platforms
  • Lucasfilm Animation and Lucasfilm Animation Singapore – digital animation studio for film, television, and games
  • LucasArts – developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software. The company was eventually reorganized in a licensing model following the Walt Disney Company's acquisition of Lucasfilm.
  • Lucas Licensing – licensing and merchandising for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and other Lucasfilm projects
    • Lucas Learning – producing technology-based educational materials for K–12. Its official site now leads to the nonprofit George Lucas Educational Foundation's Edutopia.
    • LucasBooks – the publishing arm of Lucasfilm and a part of Lucas Licensing
  • Lucas Online – online destination for entertainment, reference, education, and e-commerce for Lucasfilm projects

Former divisions[edit | edit source]

A few other companies started out under the Lucasfilm umbrella:

  • Black Falcon – handled merchandising for Lucasfilm briefly before fully merging into Lucasfilm in December 1979
  • Pixar – computer animation film-production company (sold to Steve Jobs in 1986)
  • THX – theater sound system (spun off from Lucasfilm in 2002)
  • Star Wars Corporation – started separately in 1973 and absorbed into Lucasfilm by 1980

Leadership[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In July 2005, Lucasfilm's marketing, online, and licensing units moved into the new Letterman Digital Arts Center located in the Presidio in San Francisco. It shares the complex with Industrial Light & Magic, and LucasArts.

In July 2012 Star Wars Insider 135 announced that Kathleen Kennedy, former President of the Producers Guild of America, will become Co-Chair of Lucasfilm Ltd., as George Lucas begins his retirement plans. Lucas will become Co-Chairman of the Board and will remain as Lucasfilm's CEO.[2] On October 30, 2012 it was announced that The Walt Disney Company was purchasing Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion in stock and cash.[3]

On December 21, 2012, The Walt Disney Company officially finalized its purchase of Lucasfilm.[4]

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