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"Parts of the ship's sensor array tower, which the Seps usually mounted aft rather than forward, appear to have come from the cruiser Lucid Voice, which saw action at Quell, Ryloth, and in a couple of other contested systems."
―An Imperial technician, to Moff Wilhuff Tarkin[src]

The Lucid Voice was a notorious Providence-class dreadnought that was part of the Confederacy of Independent Systems' navy during the Clone Wars.


"How did the appropriation teams manage to miss confiscating that ship?"
"They didn't, sir. Records show that the Lucid Voice was dismantled at the Bilbringi shipyards four years ago."
"In other words, some components of that vessel went missing."
"Lost, stolen, sold, it's impossible to say."
―Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and an Imperial technician[src]

Lucid Voice saw action in many contested systems during the Clone Wars, such as Quell and Ryloth. A year after the war's end, Lucid Voice was dismantled at the the Bilbringi shipyards, though components of the ship's sensor array tower were acquired by a group of rebels led by former Republic Intelligence officer Berch Teller. Teller and his allies utilized the discarded parts in the construction of a modified Separatist dreadnought that they used to attack the secretive Imperial facility Sentinel Base. The ship survived the encounter, and was later used by the rebels in battle with Imperial Navy near the Gulf of Tatooine.[1]


  • Tarkin (First appearance) (Parts only)

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