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"If we cannot change what others will do in the future—we can change what we do. We can choose a different role. We cannot avert the prophesied doom—but we can survive it. And we will survive. We are few, but the Jedi ways will go on after the tribulations come. I know this—because I am the son of Krynda and Barrison Draay—and at last, I can see my future."
―Lucien Draay[7]

Lucien Draay was a Jedi Master during the era of the Mandalorian Wars who, in 3964 BBY, helped perpetrate the infamous Padawan Massacre of Taris. The son of Human Jedi Knight Barrison Draay and half-Human, half-Miraluka Jedi Master Krynda Draay, Lucien was born the heir to the elite Draay family, a dynasty of wealthy financiers. Barrison Draay was killed in the Great Sith War when Lucien was very young, and he was left to be raised by his mother, a famed Jedi Seer who paid little attention to Lucien after finding that he did not have her talent for seeing the future. After several years removed from Jedi affairs entirely, Krynda began training a new class of young seers, but excluded Lucien—although the boy showed strong promise as a Jedi and had considerable natural talent with a lightsaber, taking after his father, Lucien was left to be trained by family retainer Haazen while Krynda concerned herself with her seers. Krynda went on to form the Jedi Covenant, a secret group of seers within the Jedi Order that was dedicated to keeping watch for the rise of the Sith, and after Lucien grew into an extremely capable young Jedi Knight, he was welcomed into the fold. Draay served as the Hand to the Covenant's First WatchCircle, providing practical help and protection to the seers, and eventually becoming one of the Covenant's top on-the-ground leaders.

In the years before the Mandalorian Wars, Draay and his WatchCircle were assigned to the Jedi Tower on the planet Taris, where they each took Padawans. Draay was responsible for training a young Human named Zayne Carrick, who quickly proved himself to be the least of his class. In 3964 BBY, the seers of the First WatchCircle had a traumatic shared vision that they interpreted to mean that one of their apprentices would bring about the ruin of the Jedi Order, and Draay responded by immediately ordering their execution to avert the prophecy. The massacre was carried out at a false Knighting ceremony in the Jedi Tower, but Carrick managed an unlikely escape from Taris, a public embarrassment that caused Draay and the WatchCircle to be reassigned. Carrick was pinned for the murders, and Draay continued a dogged pursuit that soon obsessed him completely, although Carrick continued to elude him and the Covenant at every turn. After the manhunt claimed the lives of Draay's colleagues Raana Tey and Feln, Carrick was finally nabbed by First WatchCircle member Xamar while attempting to bring evidence to clear his name to the Jedi High Council on Coruscant, although Xamar agreed to turn state's evidence and take down Draay and the Covenant from the inside. However, a Jedi raid on the Covenant's Draay Estate headquarters was turned aside when Haazen revealed that he had been the true power behind the Covenant all along, and attempted to cause an insurrection within the Jedi Order. Although Haazen planned to turn Draay to the dark side to lead a new army of Sith under Haazen's banner, Draay rejected his old trainer and worked together with Carrick to foil his schemes. Draay was heavily wounded in the process and was popularly believed to have died, but secretly retreated to a private moon in the Outer Rim to live out his days as leader of a new True Covenant dedicated to keeping the Jedi teachings alive through any prophesied doom.


Scion of the Covenant[]

"But it was my destiny to have sight and second sight. It was yours to have sight alone. Too much like your father!"
"My father? My father was a great warrior!"
"Your father is a dead warrior."
―Krynda Draay and Lucien Draay discuss his "limited ability"[1]

A teenage Lucien Draay during his Jedi training on the Draay Estate.

The heir of the elite Draay family, Lucien Draay was born the son of two Jedi: wealthy Human financier-turned-Jedi Knight Barrison Draay and his half-Human, half-Miraluka Jedi Seer wife Krynda Draay. Lucien was born on the same day[3] in 4000 BBY[2] that Jedi Knight Ulic Qel-Droma first encountered the dark side of the Force in the planet Onderon's Beast Wars, an event that would help lead to the cataclysmic destruction of the Great Sith War, a conflict that would claim Lucien's father's life.[3] As a boy, Lucien was largely ignored by his mother, who was disappointed in his lack of talent as a seer, and primarily raised by his family's droid 9BD on the family's palatial estate on Coruscant.[1] Young Lucien was also often invited to summer with the similarly rich and elite Adasca family on Arkania—his father and Adasca patriarch Alok Adasca had been colleagues in finance—and struck up an acquaintance with Arkoh Adasca, the heir to the bioengineering giant Adascorp.[8] While Lucien started to grow into a potential Jedi and prepared to lead the Draay family into the future, his mother remained devastated by her husband's death, and for four years she closed herself off from Jedi affairs. With few Jedi of her kind left after the devastation of the Great Sith War, the Jedi continued to send her promising seers to train, but Krynda turned away them all. That all changed one day in 3993 BBY, when a young Miraluka named Q'Anilia arrived at the Draay Estate and so enraptured Krynda with her potential that she agreed to teach her.[1]

Over the next several years, Krynda began to take on more apprentices, including the volatile Togruta Raana Tey, the seasoned Feeorin warrior Feln and the cautious Khil Xamar, while leaving Draay to be trained by family retainer Haazen, a failed Padawan who was an old friend of Barrison. As Lucien grew, however, he became a promising Jedi prospect, easily the best among his class with a lightsaber. His talent caught the eye of Jedi Master Vandar Tokare, who offered to bring him into the Jedi Order on a probationary trial, but Lucien's training continued to be hindered by his mother, who was afraid of him hurting her precious seers. Krynda believed that the class of Q'Anilia, Tey, Feln and Xamar was a group that she had foreseen that was powerful enough to avert the return of the Sith,[1] and formed the First WatchCircle[3] of the secret society known as the Jedi Covenant, dedicated to keeping watch for the dark side and doing what was needed to protect the galaxy. Although Krynda intended to leave her son out of the arrangement, Haazen interceded on Lucien's behalf, leading to his being named the Hand to the Jedi Covenant's First WatchCircle, providing practical help to the group as a non-seer.[1] Although Draay was initially limited to handling travel arrangements, he inherited his father's dynamism and talent for combat, and eventually progressed into providing security and becoming the First WatchCircle's leader on the ground, as well as a Jedi Master.[3] Along the way, he developed a close, pseudo-romantic relationship with Q'Anilia, his mother's first true student, that would persist for a number of years.[9]

Key to Draay's contribution to the Jedi Covenant was his control of the Draay Trust, a fund set up by Lucien's father to manage the family fortune and make money for charitable causes until a non-Jedi Draay heir arrived on the scene. Although Lucien ostensibly should have had no interest in the Draay Trust,[10] he and Covenant leadership used the trust's sizable funds as a lucrative bankroll for the organization's secret dealings.[11] As he became one of the leaders of the Covenant, Draay found other ways to contribute to the secret order's mission. Putting into action an idea from his mother, Draay formed a network of Covenant Shadow agents: Jedi who had been officially erased from the order's rolls so that they could dedicate their entire lives to the Covenant's mission. Answering directly to Draay, these agents were often sent in to do clandestine work.[12] One of the Shadows' main tasks was to covertly collect dangerous Sith artifacts for containment and experimentation, a task that Draay devoted much energy to coordinating. Hundreds of these trinkets were stored at the Sanctum of the Exalted on the planet Odryn, a structure sacred to the Feeorin species and open only to Feln—the Feeorin culture's hallowed Exalted—and his guests. Draay provided keys to the Sanctum to all of his Covenant Shadows, while also making sure that a failsafe self-destruct option was wired into the Sanctum to destroy the whole thing should word of what the Covenant was doing there threaten to leak out.[13]

Dark prophecy[]

"Is there any doubt what you saw? You say this figure destroys the Order. This figure is dressed as one of our Padawans is now. Did you or did you not see that clearly?"
"It was as if I had eyes."
"All right, then. This is what we have trained and prepared for. If you saw what you say you saw, we can't let personal bonds stop us. If the hand endangers the limb, strike it off.
―Lucien Draay and Q'Anilia on the rogue moon[5]

Lucien Draay prepares to strike the Padawans down on the rogue moon.

Through the Covenant's unseen influence, the five Masters of the First WatchCircle managed to stick together through multiple postings,[1] and by the era of the Mandalorian Wars ended up stationed at the Jedi Tower on the Outer Rim world of Taris. The five members of the WatchCircle all took on apprentices on Taris, and Draay took over the training of Zayne Carrick, a young Human from Phaeda who quickly proved himself to be the least of his Jedi class. Although Carrick was earnest in his desire to become a Jedi, the lad seemed to have horrific luck, and Draay viewed his Padawan's bumblings with both amusement[4] and sense of convenience—Carrick's travails allowed Draay to write him off as a lost cause and focus all his energies on his duties with the Covenant.[3] Carrick's training coincided with the outbreak of the Mandalorian Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders, a topic that split the Jedi Order between those who wanted the Jedi to enter the conflict and those who believed the Jedi must stay uninvolved. Although Draay was an acquaintance of the bold young Jedi Knight who led the pro-war faction, ever-preoccupied by the Sith, Draay firmly believed that the Mandalorian conflict was not Jedi business.[4]

In 3964 BBY, during a visit of several pro-war Jedi to Taris, Q'Anilia had a disturbing vision that something dark had occurred in the vicinity, raising Draay's vigilance ahead of a final test of the WatchCircle's Jedi students.[4] That final test was a blind traverse of Taris' rogue moon, an anomalous planetoid that traveled a reverse orbit from the rest of the debris in the Taris system and was perpetually bombarded by meteorites. While they waited for their apprentices to return, the Masters waited and meditation under a deflector shield. Suddenly, however, the four seers of the First WatchCircle were struck with disturbing visions of the ruin of the Jedi Order and the Republic, linked together by the shared image of a figure in a red enviro-suit, similar to those that their apprentices were wearing on the rogue moon. Taking this to mean that one of their apprentices would unleash destruction upon the galaxy, Draay prepared to strike them down with haste. However, Xamar refused to participate unless Krynda was contacted first, and Draay reluctantly agreed to hold off on striking until they received go-ahead from Coruscant to kill their Padawans. However, Draay took one life before leaving the rogue moon, pushing Temple bulk-loader droid T1-LB over a cliff after realizing that the droid had witnessed everything that had occurred.[5]

After their nightmare on the rogue moon, Draay and the other Masters cloistered in the Jedi Tower for days,[14] in which time they came up with a cover story for the coming murders: the Covenant would tell the word that after Q'Anilia's apprentice Shad Jelavan was not Knighted due to his headstrong nature, he killed the rest of his classmates before being put down.[6] For his part, Draay contacted Coruscant, hoping to speak to his mother—instead, he only managed to reach Haazen, who instructed him to return the Padawans to the Draay Estate for evaluation. Draay had no intention of following Haazen's directive,[1] and instead told his comrades that he had received approval from Coruscant to slay their apprentices.[15] When they emerged from their chambers, they proclaimed that they had decided who was to be a Jedi, and set up a banquet and a Knighting ceremony that was to provide the setting for a massacre.[14]

Massacre, manhunt[]

"That boy is a Jedi problem... we're the Jedi solution!"
―Lucien Draay, to Constable Noana Sowrs[16]
Jedi Covenant NEGTF

Draay and the First WatchCircle during the Padawan Massacre of Taris

On the night of the fateful ceremony, however, a chance occurrence wound up forcing Draay and the Covenant to change gears, and changed everything that was to come. On his way back to the Jedi Tower for the banquet preceding the Knighting, Carrick encountered Marn Hierogryph, a small-time Snivvian criminal whom he had unsuccessfully tried several times to apprehend, and after an ill-fated chase arrived at the Tower by crashing through a window through a caterer's table. Draay ordered Carrick to pay for the damage, and while the Padawan haggled with the caterer, he spotted Hierogryph in the streets below and leapt to pursue. Carrick, at long last, finally managed to capture the Snivvian, but in the process made himself late for the ceremony.[15] While the Jedi waited for Carrick's arrival, Jelavan noticed that something was amiss: Draay had his lightsaber, implying that Carrick would be Knighted, despite the fact that he finished last at every test and trial and seemed to have only a dubious grasp of the Force. When the Masters could only respond with halfhearted lies, Jelavan directly challenged them, forcing them to strike before they originally planned.[6]

Jedi Covenant Hunt EGTF

Draay and his accomplices confront Carrick

It was at that moment that Carrick walked in, finding his friends dead at their Masters' feet, and immediately fled from the room.[15] Draay and the other Masters promptly gave chase, taking to the air after Carrick managed to escape the tower with Hierogryph in a speeder. Although Draay's dogged pursuit led him to crash through several windows, Carrick and Hierogryph managed to slip into the Lower City, immediately finding themselves to be the two most wanted fugitives on the planet. Upon returning to the tower, the WatchCircle began to coordinate search efforts with the Taris Civil Authority, and Draay re-established contact with Haazen, explaining that the local authorities were always going to be involved and resolving to make a show of justice—although Draay did not believe that his apprentice was the dark figure in their vision, he knew that all the bases had to be covered.[17] Although Jelavan was originally planned to be the scapegoat, Carrick's unlikely escape helped Draay convince the Jedi Order at large that his apprentice had the aid of the dark side, and Carrick was officially charged with the murders.[6] While law enforcement searched for Carrick, the WatchCircle cloistered in their tower searching for a hint through the Force of where he was headed. Eventually, they caught a glimpse that Carrick and Hierogryph were headed towards the rakghoul-infested wasteland known as the Undercity, and Draay immediately mobilized the group.[17]

However, the Masters found themselves duped by a Hierogryph trick: the Snivvian left a trail heading towards the Undercity and then slipped away again with Carrick as Draay and the other Masters descended into the Undercity itself, fighting hordes of rakghouls and Gamorreans in a fruitless search. Although Draay was exasperated at having been fooled, he and Taris Security quickly redoubled the search in the Lower City, after receiving word of sightings in refugee camps outside Machineville. Draay and the WatchCircle met up with Constable Noana Sowrs and a force of law enforcement—unaware of the true story behind the massacre, Sowrs agreed to turn Carrick over to the Taris Masters. Following up on their recent leads, Draay and crew tracked Carrick and Hierogryph down in a desolate trash heap known as Junk Junction. But while they seemed to have the fugitives cornered, Carrick and Hierogryph—with the help of a pair of Arkanian Offshoots, Jarael and Gorman "Camper" Vandrayk—escaped their grasp yet again in a hidden junk hauler called The Last Resort and took to the skies. Although Sowrs attempted to get Draay and the WatchCircle to return to the Tower and leave Carrick's pursuit to their orbital patrols, but Draay refused, instead directing Sowrs and Taris law enforcement to follow their lead instead.[16]

Their manhunt next took them to the rogue moon, where Carrick had gone in an attempt to figure out what had happened to precipitate the massacre. Accompanied by a force of Taris police, Draay tracked Carrick and Jarael to the spot where T1-LB's wreckage lay at the foot of the cliff, and finally seemed to have his young charge cornered. However, at the last moment, The Last Resort reappeared on the scene and destroyed Draay's personnel carrier, stranding them on the rogue moon and allowing Carrick the chance to escape again.[14] But despite the setbacks, the hunt was over in a matter of days, when Carrick, hoping to win the freedom of his comrades, allowed himself to be captured and turned in to face the Covenant by the bounty hunter Valius Ying. Ying brought Carrick up to the Council chambers where the murders had been committed, and Draay gave Carrick the true story of how the massacre occurred—and why, in his opinion, Carrick needed to die next. Believing that the bounty hunter knew too much, Draay slew Ying, intending to use the Twi'lek's shuttle to track down Carrick's friends, and moved to strike at his former apprentice. However, fate interceded to rescue Zayne Carrick yet again, as Hierogryph, Vandrayk and Jarael arrived at the critical moment in The Last Resort to save him from execution and take him away from Taris.[6] The massacre and Carrick's escape undermined public trust in the Jedi Order and law enforcement on Taris, leading to riots and chaos that swept through the lower levels of Tarisian society. Just three weeks after Carrick left Taris, the Jedi Enclave Council on Dantooine pulled all Jedi presence off Taris, threatening to separate Draay from his fellows. Before they left the Jedi Tower behind, however, the Covenanters received a message from Carrick, who vowed to hunt down everyone behind the massacre until one of them confessed and cleared his name.[6]

Covenant adrift[]

"There's something you're not telling me, isn't there? It's all fair... there's something I haven't told you, too..."
―Lucien Draay, to Haazen[1]

Lucien Draay and Zayne Carrick are imprisoned together on the Arkanian Legacy.

After leaving Taris, the First WatchCircle's first stop was to Coruscant, hoping to finally make contact with his mother. However, Draay was met at the gates of the Draay Estate by 9BD, who refused to allow him in, saying that the Lady Krynda was not taking visitors and telling Draay to wait to be contacted. Shaken by his inability to see his mother, Draay proceeded to the Jedi Temple, where he and the other Masters had been called before the Jedi High Council to answer for the losses of their students on Taris. Draay admitted a degree of culpability in the massacre—in the Council's eyes, he had failed to stop Zayne Carrick from committing the murders—and asked that he and his fellow Masters be allowed to lead the search for the fugitive apprentice. Not fooled, Councilor Vrook Lamar responded harshly, informing the WatchCircle that they were being reassigned to separate postings. A chastened Draay returned home alone, once again hoping to see his mother. Although Draay could dimly feel her presence within the estate, his attempts to find her were stonewalled by Haazen, who ordered Draay to bring Carrick to him alive before forcing him to leave.[1]

Despite the rebukes of the Jedi Council, Draay continued to lead the search for Zayne Carrick from behind the scenes, authorizing an idea of Raana Tey's[1] to draw Carrick out into the open by targeting his father Arvan, a banker based on the planet Telerath. Although that plan ended up a failure,[10] Draay wound up making his way to Telerath anyway, after receiving word from Admiral Saul Karath of the Republic Navy that he had apprehended Zayne Carrick and wanted to hand him over. However, Draay arrived on Telerath to find that Karath was presumed dead after his battle group was decimated by the Mandalorians at Serroco, leaving Carrick nowhere to be found and Telerath imminently in the crosshairs of the Mandalorian invasion. Amidst the chaos, Draay made contact with Haazen, who had a new assignment for the Jedi Master. Surmising that Carrick was either dead or in a Mandalorian prison, Haazen felt that Draay's talents were best served investigating whispers and visions of a new, growing dark power that was somehow linked to Draay's old childhood acquaintance, Arkoh Adasca.[11] Although Adasca's location was a secret, Draay tracked him down in the remote Omonoth system, at the center of a very dangerous game: Adasca had managed to acquire control of the giant, powerful spacefaring slug-like species known as the exogorths, and was attempting to auction off their destructive services to the warring parties in the Mandalorian Wars in a bid to make himself a galactic power. Draay talked his way aboard Adasca's flagship, the Arkanian Legacy, and met with Adasca to get to the bottom of what was going on—however, Adasca refused to let anything get in the way of his plans, and incapacitated the Jedi Master with poisoned wine and locked him in the ship's brig.[18]

When Draay awoke, he found himself tied to none other than Zayne Carrick, who had survived the destruction at Serroco along with Admiral Karath, and had been brought aboard the Arkanian Legacy with Karath's Republic delegation.[18] Surrounded by HK-24 assassin droids and with no other option but to work together, Draay and Carrick came to an uneasy truce. While still tied up, Draay managed to cause a distraction by throwing a serving droid into a pair of the HK-24s, prompting a frenzied firefight that allowed Draay and Carrick to escape their bonds and overpower their guards. Draay also recovered his lightsaber from an Adasca guard, and took the opportunity to take a swing at Carrick, who blocked the attack with a pair of phrikite vambraces he had received as a gift from Vandrayk. The Jedi Master knew that then was not the time to strike, so instead, he tossed Carrick a blaster, promising to sort out their situation once they settled matters with Adasca.[8] The pair then found their way to the Arkanian Legacy's observation deck, finding that the situation had escalated exponentially—the arrival of the final interested party, the Mandalorians, had pushed the auction near the point of violence. They were soon joined by Republic Lieutenant Carth Onasi, a friend of Carrick's, who returned the former apprentice's lightsaber and filled them in on the details of what was going on. It had become clear that Carrick's friend Gorman Vandrayk—a former Adascorp scientist who had once worked on the exogorths—was being forced to command the beasts from an off-ship control station against his will, with Adasca holding Jarael as a hostage to get him to comply. Although it seemed a callous option, Draay proposed they simply kill Jarael, thus robbing Adasca of his leverage. That plan was emphatically denied by Mandalorian shock trooper Rohlan Dyre, an acquaintance of Carrick's, who had sworn to protect Jarael and threatened Draay with death should he attempt to lay a hand on the Arkanian Offshoot. Instead, Carrick came up with what seemed to be a winning solution: typical for Draay's old apprentice, he would win with misdirection.[19]

Wearing a new set of armor given to him by Dyre, Carrick posed as a Mandalorian Neo-Crusader trooper and staged a fistfight with Lieutenant Onasi on the auction floor, causing a diversion long enough for Draay, Carrick, and fellow Jedi Knight Alek—at the auction to represent the Jedi Order's pro-war Revanchist faction—to get the drop on Adasca and destroy his HK-24 guards. Jarael managed to slip away from Adasca in the ensuing firefight between the Mandalorians, the Republic and Adasca's guards, and once Vandrayk received word that she was safe, he responded by ordering the exogorths to attack the Arkanian Legacy. The exogorths ripped the Arkanian Legacy apart, killing many aboard including Adasca, but Draay came away relatively unscathed. In the wake of the destruction, Draay came upon Carrick and his friends and offered a deal: he would allow all of them safe passage off the wreckage of the Arkanian Legacy if Carrick turned himself in. Carrick was prepared to take the deal when another ship, the Moomo Williwaw, arrived by blasting through the side of the listing Arkanian Legacy. The personal gunship of a notorious pair of Ithorian bounty hunter brothers, the Williwaw contained Carrick's Trandoshan friend Slyssk, who spirited Carrick and his compatriots away from the sundered Arkanian Legacy, although not before letting slip that they were headed for Taris. His former apprentice had narrowly eluded him once again, but Draay took solace in the fact that at the very least, he had a lead.[19]

Jedi Councilor[]

"I know that no one can–or should–evade the will of the Jedi Order. So it is that I, Lucien Draay, humbly submit to your wishes–by accepting this seat on the Jedi High Council! But while being chosen is a great honor–the true honor belongs to two far greater Jedi. My late father, Barrison, whose bequest helped us rebuild after the Great Sith War–and my mother Krynda, who would have joined this body long ago but for her devotion to training young seers. I will do my best to live up to their examples–and I begin with an agenda for the future. A future which returns the Jedi Order to its true mission–preventing the return of the Sith!"
―Lucien Draay addresses the Jedi High Council[20]

Lucien Draay takes his seat on the Jedi High Council.

As it happened, the Covenant already had someone on Taris: Raana Tey, who had been dispatched by the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic to aid resistance efforts against an ongoing Mandalorian siege of the planet that had broken out shortly after Jedi presence on the world ended.[21] However, not too long after, Draay and Q'Anilia sensed Tey's death, her pursuit of Carrick having claimed her life amidst the burning wreckage of the Jedi Tower.[22] In the wake of their comrade's death, the rest of the First WatchCircle gathered together on the Draay Estate to hold a memorial for Tey, but the ceremony was interrupted by a vision shared between Q'Anilia, Xamar and Feln. Together, the three of them saw galactic destruction wrought by the Muur Talisman, a powerful Sith amulet believed lost, that held the power to turn people into mindless rakghouls. After researching the Talisman, the group surmised that the artifact had to be somewhere in the rakghoul-infested Undercity of Taris, where Xamar had searched for the amulet in the past. As the members of the WatchCircle were all assigned elsewhere, Draay dispatched one of his Covenant Shadows, Celeste Morne, to track down the Talisman on Taris.[12]

By the time Draay next heard from Morne, the situation had gotten decidedly out of hand. The Mandalorians had reached the Talisman before Morne could, taking the amulet to their staging area at Jebble, where the artifact's corrupting power was threatening to turn an entire army into rampaging rakghouls. What's more, Zayne Carrick was on the scene, having linked up with Morne in the Tarisian Undercity and traveled with her to Jebble. After hearing her report, Draay revised Morne's orders: she was not only to obtain the Talisman and transport it to the Covenant storehouse at the Sanctum of the Exalted, but to kill Zayne Carrick without delay.[23] However, Morne hesitated to strike after coming to sympathize with Carrick, and the fugitive Padawan escaped Draay's grasp yet again after the Mandalorians obliterated Jebble to eradicate the rakghoul outbreak.[24]

Not long after, Draay received a high honor when he was chosen to sit on the Jedi High Council,[20] taking the place of the controversial Dorjander Kace.[25] Draay's rise to the Jedi Council was coordinated behind the scenes by Haazen—the Draay Trust made several large contributions to the pet charities of a number of Jedi Councilors—and was only accepted by influential Jedi Masters Vrook Lamar and Vandar Tokare because it would help them get to the truth of the Padawan Massacre. Tokare, who had been close with Zayne Carrick when the fugitive was a child at the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, had long harbored his own doubts about what happened on Taris, and sensed some unseen power structure aiding Draay's advancement. His first motion as a Jedi Councilor was to order the recall of the pro-war Jedi Revanchists, an act that was approved by the rest of the Council.[20]

Draay was quickly summoned back to the estate after making his first address to the Council, as the Covenant had received word that Celeste Morne had reported back to the Sanctum on Odryn. Draay sent Feln back to his homeworld to meet with Morne and examine the Muur Talisman, but what the Feeorin found at the Sanctum was entirely different: Zayne Carrick, possessing Morne's key to the Sanctum, carefully cataloguing everything within. Morne and the Talisman were nowhere to be found, and Draay, still wholeheartedly believing that his former apprentice was touched by the dark side, figured that he most likely killed her and took it. The fact that Carrick had made it this far, and had help from so many companions, gave Draay pause, and he ordered Feln to destroy the Sanctum if he thought that Carrick was about to escape or his companions on the Moomo Williwaw were about to return.[13]

However, Draay was overruled by Haazen, who had been monitoring the channel and was wholeheartedly against the idea of destroying the collection of Sith artifacts that it had taken so many years to build. Their ensuing argument was cut short when Felt marched off to first take care of Carrick—a decision that led to disaster. Having challenged Carrick to unarmed combat in accordance with Feeorin tradition, Feln ultimately destroyed the Sanctum after receiving word that the Moomo Williwaw had been detected at the edge of the system. Their holy structure a flaming ruin, the Feeorin people turned on and butchered Feln, reducing the number of Padawan killers to three.[13]

After sensing his friend's death, Draay moved quickly. Surmising that Carrick would return to Coruscant with proof of the Sanctum storehouse and attempt to expose the Covenant, Draay contacted Admiral Karath and informed him that Carrick and his friends were en route to Coruscant to raid the planet for the Mandalorians in the Moomo Williwaw. Karath immediately formed up the entire Republic Navy to protect Coruscant and apprehend Carrick, and after making several threats to coax Xamar into compliance, Draay dispatched the Khil to Karath's ship to ensure Carrick did not elude him once again.[13]

Vindication and the True Covenant[]

"I already have the Jedi followers I require. Lucien–the one for the darkness–you will train my Sith."

Lucien Draay and Zayne Carrick clash during Vindication.

Even so, Carrick and Marn Hierogryph managed to slip past the blockade and reach Coruscant, but was swiftly apprehended by Xamar after landing on the Republic capital. However, Xamar had had a change of heart regarding the Covenant, and agreed to confess in exchange for full immunity for Krynda and and a role in her rescue from the Draay Estate, from which she had silent for some time. Xamar's plan was to attempt to bring Carrick in front of Krynda, believing it was the only way to coax the Master from her chambers, and when Xamar brought Carrick in front of Draay he looked the picture of a Dark Jedi with a replica Muur Talisman around his neck. To Draay, it appeared that the justice he had long awaited was at hand, but when he ignited his lightsaber to at last slay his former apprentice, Xamar intervened and demanded that Krynda be called to inspect Carrick. Instead, Haazen emerged, saying that Krynda could not be disturbed, and for once Draay agreed with him—he refused to let Carrick, whom he still believed to be the ruin of the Jedi Order, anywhere near his mother.[9]

Unlike Draay, Haazen wasn't fooled by Carrick's false amulet or his Sith costume, and exposed Carrick's trick for all to see. However, by that point, Xamar had slipped away to signal the rest of the Jedi Order to raid the Draay Estate. But instead of reacting with panic, Haazen signaled a codeword known to Draay: Vindication. "Vindication" was a contingency plan that essentially amounted to a Covenant insurrection within the Jedi Order, only previously discussed in case the Sith infiltrated the Jedi Council and threatened to take control of the artifacts the Covenant had spent years collecting. For Haazen, it was a culmination of years of planning, as he revealed that he had been carefully manipulating Draay for years in order to reach this point—according to Haazen, everything that Draay had done or wanted in his life had first been planted there by him, using him as a tool to push the Covenant to a point where he could assume control. And to deal with the little matter of the Order laying siege to the Draay Estate, Haazen revealed that he had taken control of the Republic warships that had been attempting to prevent Carrick from reaching Coruscant, ordering them to bomb the areas surrounding the estate and killing a number of Jedi, including Xamar.[9]

Draay moved to attack Haazen and end the madness, only to find himself swiftly repelled by an artifact Haazen had taken straight out of the Covenant's archives. The Gauntlet of Kressh the Younger, worn on Haazen's arm, prevented anyone from touching him without his consent, and protected him entirely from Draay's efforts to stop him. It was then that Haazen revealed his final plan. Having already accrued many Jedi followers from his work with the Covenant, he would then create a new generation of Sith, creating dual armies that he would command alone, both and neither, standing apart. And to train his Sith, he chose Lucien Draay, whom he had pushed to gather artifacts and search for Sith resources as preparation for his new role as a Sith Lord.[26]

Although Draay protested that it was not something he wanted, he still accepted Haazen's lightsaber, red-bladed, much like those used by the Sith. He would soon put that new lightsaber to use to stop Carrick from trying to follow Q'Anilia back to the Lady Krynda, still dead-set on never letting his former Padawan near his mother in the case that the prophecy was still correct. Draay chased Carrick through the compound, intent on slaying him then and there, but their showdown was stopped by the sudden arrival of Krynda, accompanied by Marn Hierogryph. Hierogryph had tailed Q'Anilia back to Krynda's room and found her incapacitated, and while Q'Anilia thought her Master was dead—and had in turn committed suicide in order to be with her again—Hierogryph recognized her "casket" as a life-preserving oubliette and had woken her up. In her weakened state, Krynda revealed that after Lucien called in his report of the rogue moon vision, she had a vision of her own, depicting the Masters of the First WatchCircle slaying their Padawans. This traumatic sight caused her to suffer a stroke, and as her death was not in his plan, Haazen moved quickly to put her in the oubliette. Krynda begged her son to tell her that he did not follow through with the massacre, but Lucien reluctantly divulged that while he had not personally shed blood, he had ordered the killings. Shattered by her son's admission, Krynda died in Lucien's arms, her last words telling him to face the future with humility. As Hierogryph was the one to take Krynda out of stasis, Lucien blamed the Snivvian for his mother's death, and erupted into a rage.[26]

By now teetering on the brink of the dark side, Draay leapt to attack but was met instead by Carrick, who was committed to doing all he could to allow his friend a chance to escape. Although the two dueled briefly, Carrick was able to talk Draay down, and together the two came up with a plan to stop Haazen. They decided to stage a cinematic chase and fight, with Draay pursuing Hierogryph into the ruins of estate courtyard and having a dramatic duel in front of Haazen. In the heat of battle, Draay toppled the statue of his father that stood nearby, which collapsed on top of him. His former master buried under the rubble, Carrick drew his lightsaber and "slew" Draay, impressing Haazen, who allowed him to approach and commanded the Kressh gauntlet to allow him to touch him. The instant Haazen let his guard down, Carrick struck, slicing off the cybernetic arm that carried not only the gauntlet, but the control panel for the Republic ships still under Haazen's control. It was now time for Draay to do his part. Rising from beneath the wreckage of the statue bloodied but still alive, Draay used the Force to slingshot Carrick and Hierogryph far out of harm's way, and then picked up Haazen's severed arm and ordered the Republic ships overhead to fire on Haazen's position. The ensuing barrage completely obliterated the Draay Estate, ended the threat of Haazen, and killed the last of the Draay family—at least, it was publicly believed.[7]

Blind Lucien

Draay in his self exile as head of his True Covenant.

While Lucien Draay was dead to the galaxy, the events of Vindication covered up as a Mandalorian terrorist attack by the authorities, Draay emerged from the devastation blinded but very much alive, thanks to the fact that he was holding the Kressh gauntlet at the time of the barrage. Although the months to come held much pain, Draay emerged in the light, having realized his true mission. Years before, Draay had secretly bought a private moon[7] on the Outer Rim[27] as a hidden sanctum in case he ever needed to reconstitute the Jedi Covenant in a time of crisis. It was there he retreated to dedicate his second life, to leading a new Covenant, one with strong philosophical differences from the original Covenant. This new "True Covenant" would keep watch for the future, but instead of trying to avert a prophesied doom, would focus on keeping the Jedi ways alive. And although he could no longer physically see, Draay believed that at long last he could finally see his future.[7]


Draay's True Covenant grew to encompass a number of Jedi[7] and built a hidden temple carved into the side of a massive cliff, a complex that held, among other things, the Gauntlet of Kressh the Younger. The Jedi presence on Draay's moon was gone by the time of the Clone Wars several thousand years later, but the temple still stood, and in 20 BBY the complex was rediscovered by Jedi Master B'ink Utrila and a squad of clone troopers, who were searching for the Gauntlet of Kressh the Younger. Within they found a number of carvings depicting Draay and the events of Vindication, as well as a powerful guard droid sculpted in the image of Draay holding the Kressh gauntlet. The temple was destroyed soon after in a skirmish between Utrila's forces and a gang of Mandalorian Death Watch warriors, and one trooper survived to cast the Kressh gauntlet into a nearby river.[27]

Personality and traits[]

"We all go where the Force takes us–wherever that may lead. The Order must go on."
―Lucien Draay[15]

Lucien Draay.

A ruthless, driven man not given to sentiment, Lucien Draay committed his entire life to the Jedi Covenant, valuing the survival of his order above anything else.[15] His father dead and largely ignored by his mother, Draay grew up deprived of normal family relationships, growing spiteful in the process. Instead, Draay developed a love-hate surrogate parental relationship with family retainer Haazen,[28] although Draay openly scorned him as a failed Jedi prospect.[1] Although Draay outwardly held Haazen in little regard and often went against Haazen's orders,[1] Draay still unwittingly allowed himself to be manipulated by his father's former friend for most of his life.[26] Draay found no solace in his social circle, either. While his elite family name gave him access to a similarly elite group of friends, he found them to be self-involved and tiresome, especially his old friend Arkoh Adasca.[11]

Draay grew up extremely frustrated by his mother's lack of attention, and was deeply unsatisfied by his Jedi training, as he was left to Haazen instead of learning with his mother's seers as he desired. Although he never knew his father, Lucien held Barrison Draay in high esteem,[1] and continued to do so throughout his life, feeling that when he took his seat on the Jedi High Council that his father should have been there instead of him.[29] Most of all, Lucien admired his father's prowess as a warrior, and followed strongly in Barrison's footsteps.[1] And despite his mother's scorn, after being brought into the fold of the Jedi Covenant, Draay became completely devoted not only to her, but to the Covenant's mission.[9] As a teacher, Draay was remote and unhelpful to his charge Zayne Carrick, but found his Padawan's bumbling convenient, as it allowed him to write him off as a lost cause and focus all his energy on the Covenant.[3] Privately, Draay admitted that he found Carrick's travails entertaining.[15]

Committed to never letting personal bonds get in the way of his work, Draay had little use for friends.[8] However, Draay had his own close, pseudo-romantic relationship with fellow Covenanter Q'Anilia that stretched over many years,[9] and also had a friendship of sorts with Feln, who made it a personal quest to get Draay to crack a smile.[3] Draay had a rockier relationship with Xamar, as the Khil's cautious nature, characteristic of his species, led the two to clash often.[3] After his Padawan's escape, Draay was initially doubtful that Carrick was the dark figure glimpsed in the rogue moon prophecy,[17] but subsequent events drove Draay to believe wholeheartedly that Carrick had fallen to the dark side.[13] This conviction, his deep and abiding hatred of the Sith,[17] and his commitment to the survival of the Jedi ways that was at the core of the Jedi Covenant's mission, drove Draay to become absolutely obsessed with hunting Carrick down.[28]

It was in the affair surrounding the Padawan Massacre that Draay's ruthless side came out. A brutally pragmatic man, Draay was immediately willing to kill the apprentices after the vision on the rogue moon,[5] and had no qualms with killing innocent people along the way.[6] To Draay, the mission was all, and no deed—lying to the Jedi High Council,[1] theft, or cold-blooded murder[6]—was off-limits if it served the ultimate goal of the Jedi Covenant.[5] And although he was repeatedly commanded to either disengage from the manhunt for Carrick or bring him in alive, Draay became so convinced that killing Carrick was the only way to save the galaxy from ruin that he refused to accept any other option.[1] Haazen's treachery, the revelation of how the family retainer had manipulated Draay throughout his life, and his mother's death drove him near-mad with grief and to the brink of the dark side, causing Draay to lash out in rage[26] and drowning his soul in betrayal and fury. However, Draay's memory of his father helped him reject the Sith destiny Haazen had planned for him, and let go of his hatred of Carrick to work together with him to foil Haazen's plans. Despite the losses he suffered, Draay emerged on the other side with a sense of inner clarity that had eluded him for his entire life, moving him to honor his father's memory by starting a True Covenant to honor his father's belief in choosing one's own way.[7]

Powers and abilities[]

"Lucien is every bit the fighter his father was."

Lucien Draay showcasing his talent with a lightsaber at the Draay Estate.

Although Draay had Miraluka blood through his mother, Draay was born with only physical sight like his full-blooded Human father, and without the Force sight of his mother. This meant that Draay lacked the precognition that would have made him a success in his mother's eyes, Draay took after his father in other ways, namely his talent for combat. Draay was a natural with a lightsaber and had considerable promise with the Force, and by the time he was a teenager he was able to easily trounce any of his mother's other apprentices,[1] including the legendary Feeorin warrior Feln.[20] Trained in the Shii-Cho form of lightsaber combat,[28] Draay grew only more formidable in later years, although all his talents with a lightsaber did not help him overcome Zayne Carrick's luck during his long pursuit of his former Padawan.[19] Draay was also a strong fighter even without a lightsaber, able to take down a number of deadly HK-24 assassin droids with his hands tied behind his back on the Arkanian Legacy.[8] Draay was also capable with telekinetic Force powers, and was an able pilot, owning and flying his own Baronial-class yacht. Draay was fluent in a number of languages aside from his native Basic, including Arkanian, Feeorin, High Galactic, Miralukese and Togruti.[28]

Behind the scenes[]

The character of Lucien Draay first appeared in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Commencement, the first story arc of the Knights of the Old Republic comic book series, written by John Jackson Miller and released in 2006.[15] Draay was a major antagonist during the first major Knights of the Old Republic storylines, and Miller maintained that he was one of his favorite characters to write during his run in the story.[30] Although Knights of the Old Republic 34 hinted that Draay was the previous identity of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords villain Darth Sion,[26] Miller confirmed in his notes for the next issue that Sion was not Draay.[31] Over the course of Draay's appearances in the comics, he was illustrated by seven different artists: Brian Ching,[4] Travel Foreman,[5] Harvey Tolibao,[11] Bong Dazo,[18] Dustin Weaver,[22] Scott Hepburn[12] and Alan Robinson.[29]



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