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The Lucky Star was a casino located in Mos Entha, in Tatooine. It was owned and managed by Shiri'ani, a protégé of Lady Valarian, the Whiphid crime lord of Mos Eisley.

The Lucky Star, like the Lucky Despot, was a remodeled cargo freighter, converted into a club and casino. It became a popular tourist destination during the New Republic as a place for visitors to "slum" with the natives and underworld safely.

Employees of Shiri'ani mingled with the crowd, posing as dangerous "regulars". Security was high, though occasionally there were real shootings and even a murder in the back rooms... though these events even seem to be a convenient way of maintaining the hotspot's notoriety.

Shiri'ani watches the floor from behind the one-way mirror behind the bar.

As a subsidiary of Valarian's empire, Shiri'ani did not pay taxes to the New Republic as part of her mentor's "arrangements" with the galactic government.

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In the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies, the Lucky Star was referred to as the Fallen Star.

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