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Lucrehulk Prime was a Lucrehulk-class Battleship used as a flight school by the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. General Hera Syndulla was stationed on the battleship helping train new recruit pilots until she was captured by members of the Son-tuul Pride led by Chelli Aphra.

The battleship then chased Aphra to Hivebase-1 and found itself being overwhelmed by a scaraphyte swarm. The Imperial Lieutenant-Inspector Magna Tolvan then seized control of the ships core and declared the ship commandeered by the Empire to Hivebase-1. However, Aphra had bugged the ship during her visit and used a terminal in Hivebase-1 take control it. She had it latch onto the core of Hivebase-1 and then controlled the X-wings to tow the datacore to the Lucrehulk Prime. Once the datacore was secured, Hivebase-1 was destroyed by explosive animals released inside the complex by Aphra.


Formally used by the Trade Federation,[2] the Lucrehulk Prime[8] became a part of the Alliance to Restore the Republic and was used as a training school for their pilots. After the Battle of Yavin, General Hera Syndulla was overseeing the training on the Lucrehulk Prime, with the Alliance officer Bini at her side. At some point, a team of mercenaries, led by the rogue archaeologist Chelli Aphra, found the ship from jump signatures in Wat Tambor's files. Bini assumed they were signing up, but when Syndulla came to see them, the former Milvayne Authority officer Tam Posla made it clear that they were not. Syndulla realised that they were mercenaries and had them put into cells.[2]

The group of mercenaries managed to disable the shields around the cells, although they did not attempt to escape. This won over Syndulla's trust and she was willing to hear about why they came. Aphra, Posla and Caysin Bog told her they new how to get into Hivebase-1, the R&D headquarters of the Tarkin Initiative, but as Posla began to explain, Bog ejected a number of blasters, set to stun, out of his head compartment. The assassin Sister Six caught them and stunned the entirety of the Alliance personnel in the room. The mercenaries then took Syndulla onto their ship and escaped.[2]

Aphra offered to trade Syndulla with the Imperial officers on Hivebase-1. She also activated the tracker on Syndulla's general plaque, luring the Lucrehulk Prime in their direction. Shortly after Aphra's team reached Hivebase-1, the Lucrehulk Prime arrived out of hyperspace. However, the battleship soon found itself being swarmed by the scaraphyte swarm around Hivebase-1. This caused a distraction that allowed Aphra's team to sneak into the base without the Imperials knowing. The Lucrehulk Prime's gradually became dire and their outer decks became damaged beyond repair. When Bini tried to deploy the X-wing starfighters from the ships core, he was knocked unconscious by an Imperial infiltrator, Lieutenant-Inspector Magna Tolvan. She contacted Hivebase-1, telling them that she had gained control of the ships core. But when they told her to destroy it, she used Imperial protocol to save the Lucrehulk Prime from being reduced to wreckage.[7]

Hivebase-1 infiltration

The Lucrehulk Prime latches on to Hivebase-1

A short while later, inside Hivebase-1, Aphra used a control terminal from inside the datacore to get across to the Lucrehulk Prime. She had bugged the control core during her visit there and used this to take control of the ship. She had it barge through the scaraphyte swarm and latch onto Hivebase-1. X-wings then deployed from the ship and, using tow cables, pulled the datacore from Hivebase-1 and over to the Lucrehulk Prime. Inside the ship, troopers rushed to the control core and found Bini and some of his men unconscious, with Tolvan sneaking away into the vents. The Lucrehulk Prime then withdrew from Hivebase-1. As it did that, the base exploded, due to sixty explosive animals released inside the complex by Aphra.[9]


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