"Thank you so much! Now, I'll be able to make my pies again."
―Yraka Nes to a spacer[1]

Luilris Mushroom Pie was made out of the luilris mushrooms of the Myyydril Caverns on the planet Kashyyyk. The pie was was brown and was one of the many dishes made by the Myyydril tribe out of the native flora and fauna of the caverns.[1]

Yraka Nes, a Twi'lek nurse of the Myyydril tribe, made the pie for her fellow tribespeople to lift their spirits while their warriors were off fighting against the infestation of Urnsor'is spiders. She did so with the help of a local cantina.[1]

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Sometime after the Battle of Yavin[1] of 0 BBY,[2] Nes required more mushrooms as her own stock was running out. After a spacer helped collect ten of them for her, she thanked the spacer by gifting one of her pies.[1]

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Luilris Mushroom Pie appeared as a consumable food item in 2005's Rage of the Wookiees expansion pack to the 2003 Sony Online Entertainment massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Star Wars Galaxies.[1] Prior to Galaxies' closure in 2011,[3] the item, once consumed, gave a large bonus to the player's constitution and stamina for several minutes. The player would be rewarded with the item upon gathering ten mushrooms for Yraka Nes in the "Luilris Mushrooms" quest on Kashyyyk.[1]



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