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Luka Sene was a formal Miralukan Force organization with meditation and education chambers in most cities on the Miraluka homeworld of Alpheridies. While all Miraluka used the Force to sense the world around them, some Miralukans did have an increased sense-based aspect of the Force. When these Miraluka were identified, Miralukan educators and leaders encouraged such individuals to join the Luka Sene. Academic in atmosphere and culture, the Luka Sene focused primarily on developing the sense-related powers of their members. Offworlders often regarded the Luka Sene as a Force-user university where classes and education take place. However, unlike the Jedi, Sith and other traditions, it did not dictate a member's personal life.

Luka Sene members were present in all aspects of society and all fields. Most members only had small degrees of increased senses which they used to improve their own lives, careers, and Miralukan society. Those with higher degrees of sensitivity could become Administrators, Masters, or Mentors in the Luka Sene organization. A small amount left their homeworld to join the Jedi Order. While it was uncommon to find a member of Luka Sene off of their homeworld, some traveled to meet with the Jedi Order, or at the rare request of an off-world family to give advice on a talented child.

The Luka Sene disapproved of the dark side and served as guiders and guardians to protect Miralukans from falling to the dark side. While Miralukans' inherent sensing abilities were rarely a threat, like any Force power, they could still provide a path to the dark side, especially in the more talented members that were chosen for Luka Sene training. Luka Sene placed heavy emphasis on the light side and practical sides of the Force: however, some Miralukans sought to develop powers contrary to those beliefs. Where a Miralukan was suspected of having fallen to the dark side, Luka Sene would dispatch Sene Seekers, who would search out the targeted individual. Attempts to redeem that individual would be made. Should the individual, however, prove to be beyond redemption, the Sene Seekers (who would be accompanied by security personnel) would attempt a live capture. Elimination of a fallen individual was only carried out if no alternatives were open.

At some point, Acaadi studied Luka Sene. When he later became a Sith, the Luka Sene sent Jirany Sha to track him down and try and stop him from using their knowledge to corrupt others.

Luka Sene were highly adept in the Sense powers of the Force, building upon their natural Miralukan Force sight. They could use Farsight with great skill, and had a unique power known as Field Detection, which allowed them to perceive energy fields.

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