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"Luke Skywalker" is the seventh booklet the canon reference book series titled Star Wars Encyclopedia. It was published on October 30, 2020 by De Agostini.[2]

Publisher's summary[]

Farmer in a damp farm; star fighter pilot; son of the Chosen One who would restore the balance of the Force; Jedi Knight ... Luke Skywalker has been a multiple character throughout his life. From his humble origins on Tatooine until his last days, exiled on Ahch-To, he experienced a long and constant evolution which made him a key figure not only in his confrontation with the Empire but also in the eternal struggle between light and darkness. As adept at piloting an X-wing as he is wielding a lightsaber, Skywalker was also a character plagued by internal strife. However, his ability to learn from his mistakes and make the right choices allowed him to continuously evolve into one with the Force, as the fate of the greatest Jedi masters wills.[1]


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