"Luke vs. the Rancor - Wrath of the Rancor" is the thirtieth episode of Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures. It premiered on the website and YouTube on May 31, 2019.[3]

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The episode opens with a landscape shot of Jabba's Palace on Tatooine. A mind tricked Bib Fortuna whispers into Jabba Desilijic Tiure's ears, warning him about Luke Skywalker's presence. Luke confronts Jabba in his court and demands that the Hutt bring Captain Han Solo and the Wookiee Chewbacca to him. Bib Fortuna, Salacious B. Crumb, a captive Princess Leia Organa, C-3PO, and a disguised Lando Calrissian are also present in Jabba's throne room. Jabba and his entourage laugh defiantly.

Jabba presses the trapdoor, causing Luke and the Gamorrean guard Jubnuk to slide down the tunnel into the rancor Pateesa's lair. Leia gasps in horror while C-3PO panics because of the rancor. The gate of the rancor's lair opens. The rancor grabs and devours Jubnuk. Luke tries to reach a window but it is sealed.

The rancor soon turns its attention to him and Skywalker dodges the rancor's claws and fangs. The narrator explains that in a "galaxy of adventures", a Jedi must improvise to escape. Luke manages to stuff a large bone into Pateesa's mouth, temporarily stalling the rancor. Luke leaps over rocks and manages to reach the door to the rancor's lair but finds it locked.

Before Pateesa can reach Luke, he hurls a skull at the door controls, causing the gate to crush the rancor's head, killing it. Leia smiles while Jabba roars in outrage. Boba Fett peers down the trapdoor. Luke stands triumphantly at front of the dead Pateesa.



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