"Luke vs. the Wampa - Cavern Escape" is the third episode of Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures. It premiered on the StarWarsKids.com and the Disney Now websites on November 30, 2018.[2][4]

Plot summary[]

The episode opens with a bruised Luke Skywalker hanging upside down in the wampa cave. Hearing the roar of the wampa, he tries to free himself but finds his legs pinned to the roof of the cave. As the wampa feasts on the tauntaun, Skywalker tries to free himself but only arouses the wampa's attention. The narrator explains that in a galaxy of adventures, Luke Skywalker must use the Force to survive.

As the wampa approaches, Luke struggles to summon his lightsaber with the Force. Luke then hears Obi-Wan Kenobi telling him to stretch out with his feelings. Giving into the Force, Luke summons his lightsaber and breaks free of the ice at the roof of the cave. The wampa tries to crush Luke with its massive fists but Skywalker cuts off its right arm with his blade. He then slices through a rocky pillar, causing part of the cave to collapse. Skywalker climbs out onto the snow where he breathes a sigh of relief.



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