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"Mug of lum for your thoughts, kid?"
Han Solo to Luke Skywalker[src]

Lum, also known as lum ale,[1][2] was a foaming,[3] intoxicating alcoholic liquor,[4] and was considered a strong ale.[5] It was popular in the Corellian sector, where it was the primary ingredient in drinking competitions termed "lumguzzling." While an individual felt the common effects of alcohol when drinking lum, it was impossible to overdose on it. Jacob Nive enjoyed drinking it, as did Thwim[6].

When drunk in smaller quantities, the drink was said to taste sweeter and also slightly soapy, though not to an unpleasant degree.

Following the disastrous Battle of Gazzari, the mercenary commander Jarrow Rusher consumed an entire bottle of lum ale in order to come to terms with the heavy losses sustained by his mercenary group—Rusher's Brigade. In order to avoid discussing the refugee "situation" aboard his ship Diligence with the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt, Rusher withdrew the room by feigning that he needed to go to the toilet in order to relieve himself. Instead, Rusher took that opportunity to hide in a recreational room.[2]

Lum was a popular drink in the Tailfin Cantina of Lamaredd as of 29 BBY.[7]

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