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Lumat was one of the many Ewoks who helped the Rebellion defeat the Galactic Empire in the Battle of Endor. He was the husband of Zephee and the father of Latara, Nippet, and Wiley. He was the chief woodcutter for his tribe.

Behind the scenes[]

Lumat was made into an action figure by Kenner in 1984. Upon his initial release, he was in a Return of the Jedi package with a bow, a quiver, and a hood. The second release, on Power of the Force packaging, added a coin to his accessories.

In 2012 Lumat received his second figure in the vintage collection line, now sporting a unique headsculpt, bow, and arrows as part of an online-only release because stores couldn't take another wave of figures due to poor distribution on its figure line. This figure can actually hold the bow and arrow like it is about to shoot a fleeing stormtrooper.

Graak, once known as Lumat

While the action figure shows Lumat to be an Ewok with solid brown/gray fur, his Customizable Card Game (CCG) card pictured Graak, another prominent Ewok with black and gray striped fur.

Hasbro's Graak figure, released in 2007, is based on the 1984 Lumat action figure, though bears Graak's black and gray colors, matching that of the "Lumat" CCG card.

"Rogues Gallery" in Star Wars Insider 135 established that Lumat was indeed the Ewok from the Kenner figure and not the CCG card.

Lumat can be seen in the Special Edition DVD of Return of the Jedi at frame 1:12:32.



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