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Lumbra was a male Gotal who worked for the Ishi Tib Haka Hai before betraying him.


Working for Hai while he was trading a crate from the crew of the Uhumele, Lumbra decided to betray his boss and steal the crate. But, unfortunately for him, the crate was actually a bomb. The moment one of his men opened it, it exploded, causing his ship to crash land on a habitable moon. Lumbra saw another ship, one that belong to Jedi Master K'Kruhk and a group of younglings. He headed a team to salvage their ship and discovered the younglings' identity as Jedi. He shot Chase Piru when she tried to defend her friends, leaving her for dead, while towing the others to his ship.

However, Piru was revived by K'Kruhk and they set out a plan to rescue the younglings. One by one, Lumbra's men were killed by Piru's arrows. Lumbra soon held Piru hostage and demanded that K'Kruhk surrender. But the Jedi Master leapt forward and sliced Lumbra in half. The Jedi soon used his ship to travel elsewhere.


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