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"I told you before: No Lumpy."
―A Whill, to another Whill[4]

Lumpawaroo, also known as Waroo or Lumpy, was a Wookiee male whose parents were Chewbacca and his wife Mallatobuck. During the Age of the Empire, Waroo and his species were enslaved by the Galactic Empire. He and other Wookiee children were forced to work at a slave labor camp run by Commandant Dessard. Following the liberation of Kashyyyk, Waroo escaped his labor camp. He was pursued by Dessard and his men, who caught up with him. However, the Imperials were killed by a joint party of Wookiees and New Republic soldiers. Waroo reunited with his father Chewbacca.


Lumpawaroo was the son of Chewbacca[2] and his wife Mallatobuck.[3] During the Age of the Empire, the Wookiees of Kashyyyk were enslaved by the Galactic Empire.[5]

When Lumpawaroo was young, he ventured down into the dangerous depths of Kashyyyk to find wasaka berries, which even adult Wookiees were reluctant to do. Chewbacca later recounted the tale, and how he missed his son, to the bartender Midnight, who wrote it in his journal.[5]

As a child, Lumpy's mother was taken from him and he was separated from his father. Waroo and other Wookiee children were forced to work as slave laborers at an Imperial child labor camp on the slopes of Mount Arayakyak. The Imperials prized the Wookiees for their small hands and their ability to climb for high altitudes.[1]

Waroo was a slave for most of his childhood and toiled under the supervision of Commandant Dessard. The Empire controlled the Wookiees by using inhibitor chips which sounded like a song of fire and terror. On one occasion, Waroo witnessed a female friend dying while trying to scale the walls of the daubcrete bunker. Following the liberation of Kashyyyk by New Republic forces in 5 ABY, the inhibitor chips in Waroo and the other child slaves were disabled. While Dessard and his subordinates managed to reassert their authority by using shock-lances and blasters, Waroo was encouraged by the demoralized state of the Imperial slave masters.[1]

Desiring liberty, Waroo made a dash for freedom while Commandant Dessard tried to close the pylon-gate. Waroo fled through the jungle by leaping through trees and branches. However, he came into contact with a spore-pod that had defoliated much of the surrounding jungle. Dessard and his men caught up with Waroo and prepared to execute him. However, the Imperials were then shot by Greybok, his father Chewbacca, and several New Republic soldiers. Dessard managed to escape the barrage of blaster bolts and was taken prisoner by New Republic soldiers. Waroo recognized his father and the two embraced each other after years of separation.[1]

Waroo meets Rey

Lumpawaroo meets Rey

Between 34 ABY and 35 ABY,[6] Waroo celebrated Life Day with his father and his friend, Rey. As Waroo and his father showed Rey the Life Day tree, the three of them came under attack by bounty hunter Mwarr Ja'Randa.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Lumpawaroo was a male Wookiee child who lived during the Age of the Empire. As a slave, he was prized by his Imperial masters for his small hands and ability to climb high. Waroo hated his Imperial captors and nicknamed them "milk-skins." He regarded the signals created by the Imperial inhibitor chips as a song that could drive one insane. He also had a strong sense of smell and could smell his Imperial captors from afar. Waroo took delight in the disabling of the inhibitor chips and the despondent state of his Imperial captors. Waroo once made a desperate dash for freedom. He loved his father Chewbacca and mother Malla. Waroo experienced an emotional reunion with his father following the Liberation of Kashyyyk.[1] Chewbacca spoke with pride to the bartender Midnight about how Lumpy was good with tools, better than Chewbacca was at that age.[5]

Behind the scenes[]


Lumpawaroo as he appeared in The Star Wars Holiday Special

Lumpawaroo first appeared in Star Wars canon in the 2017 novel Aftermath: Empire's End, written by Chuck Wendig.[1] Waroo was originally created for The Star Wars Holiday Special, a Star Wars Legends TV movie released in 1978.[7]


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