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Lunak was an alien individual who served the Rebel Alliance as a member of Rogue One alongside K-2SO, Jyn Erso, Senna, Dray Nevis, Ria Talla and Jerris Kestal. Lunak was a diminutive individual with dark brown fur and large ears, capable of skittering into an air duct like a little thief. He sometimes rode on the shoulder of Senna.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Lunak was one of several characters conceived to be a part of the Rogue One team seen in the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The character was intended to be a duo with the character of Senna and ultimately these two characters influenced the duo of Baze Malbus and Chirrut Îmwe. While the character of Senna ultimately underwent several designs before becoming the mercenary Moroff, only one depiction of Lunak is seen within The Art of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Art for Lunak was created by Christian Alzmann, a concept artist on Rogue One.[1]


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