The Lunatic was a small, improvised space vehicle and a marvel of extemporaneous engineering which was used only once and enabled a scattered and disabled Wraith Squadron to commandeer the CR90 corvette Night Caller from the forces of Warlord Zsinj.


Designed and built in less than a few hours by Wraith Squadron member and assistant mechanic Kell Tainer and Chief Engineer Cubber Daine, it was made primarily from the airtight smuggling compartment that had been built into the squadron's shuttle Narra by its former Imperial owner. Four maneuvering jets, one each on the top, bottom, port and starboard sides were attached to the compartment for propulsion. To the top, the R2 unit Gadget was attached for sensor readings of the local area and the craft's current trajectory which was in turn connected to a datapad by which the vessel's single occupant could steer.

The pilot of the vehicle was Voort saBinring, or "Piggy", a hyper-intelligent Gamorrean and member of Wraith Squadron. He was chosen because his natural body insulation, provided by many layers of fat, allowed him to survive the freezing temperatures of space that he would be exposed to while within the makeshift vessel. Also, he was strong enough to carry the only weapon on board the Lunatic—an X-wing laser cannon that had been salvaged from the damaged craft flown by Ton Phanan, stripped down to the bare minimum for size and weight and attached to a power supply.

Once launched from the Narra, Piggy, using the datapad from inside, successfully maneuvered Lunatic into the forward hold of the modified Corvette Night Caller. Upon successfully piloting the inelegant craft into the hold Piggy then used the laser cannon to defend himself during infiltration and to literally blast his way onto the bridge of the ship, making passage through the floor up into the command deck and simultaneously blasting the ship's Captain Zurel Darillian into a residual mess on the ceiling and terrifying the bridge crew to the point of surrender. Subsequent to this, the Lunatic was dismantled and, after being patched up, the smuggling compartment was reinstalled in the Wraiths' shuttle, Narra.

The maiden and final voyage of this amazing impromptu vehicle both saved the lives of Wraith Squadron and enabled them to capture the Corellian corvette that became an invaluable asset in their fight against Warlord Zsinj.


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