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Lune Oddo Divinian was a Force-sensitive Human male who was the son of Astri Oddo and Bog Divinian. During the early years of the Galactic Empire, Divinian received basic training in the ways of the Force as well as the tenets of the Jedi Order by fugitive Jedi Masters Ry-Gaul and Garen Muln. After both mentors were killed, Divinian lived on as a mercenary until eventually joining the Alliance to Restore the Republic.


Early life[]

Lune Oddo Divinian and Trever Flume in a starfighter simulator

A Force-sensitive Human, Lune Oddo Divinian was the son of Bog Divinian and Astri Oddo and was born on the planet Nuralee in 27 BBY. For reasons unknown, Divinian's sensitivity to the Force was not detected at birth, therefore missing an opportunity to study as a member of the Jedi Order. During Divinian's formative years, his father was elected Senator of his homeworld and the family began to spend time on Coruscant where Divinian stayed in the care of his grandfather, Didi Oddo. Around this time Divinian's mother began to note her son's affinity for using the Force, keeping this fact a secret from her husband who loathed the Jedi Order and Force-users. Despite her efforts, Senator Divinian witnessed his son's talents and he began to plot ways to exploit his son.[1]

As Divinian's father began to become more hostile his mother gathered a few belongings and the mother and child fled to the planet Samaria to live in relative peace. During the years that followed the Clone Wars erupted between the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Republic, but the two managed to avoid the atrocities of war. When the Republic and the Confederacy came out on the loosing end of the war and the Galactic Empire rose to galactic dominance Divinian's father, Bog Divinian was assigned to the Samarian government as an Imperial Advisor. Realizing the danger they were in, Astri Oddo approached the Samarian Prime Minister Aaren Larker from who she learned of her estranged husband's plot to capture their son and turn him over to the Empire for education at the Imperial Academy. With stolen codes to a Platform-7 supercomputer, Astri Oddo was able to sabotage the equipment and escape the planet with her son.[4]

Not only the Empire was interested in Divinian and his mother after the disabling of the platform; the family was approached by former Jedi Padawan Ferus Olin in the following weeks and was impressed by the boy's abilities that he exhibited.[4] Olin agreed to take the pair to his secret asteroid base far from the eyes of the Empire, where former Jedi Master Garen Muln assisted Divinian in learning to use and control the Force.[3]


During their stay on the asteroid, the Divinian's grew comfortable with their fellow refugees living in relative safety and peace. However, when Trever Flume returned to the base with activist Flame, Astri Oddo began to think that their sanctuary could wind up targeted by the Empire sooner then expected. Fearing for her son's safety, the two departed the asteroid and went to Coruscant under the guardianship of Jedi Master Fy-Tor-Ana and Clive Flax. Seeking out the Dexter Jettster, an operative working against the Empire, Divinian's mother hoped that the Besalisk could get them off planet and too a safe world. While his mother met with Jettster, Divinian went to a park with Keets Freely and Curran Caladian where he modified the power slide to shoot him up higher and did somersaults with the Force. Detecting the boy's use of the Force, a squad of passing stormtroopers attempted to seize Divinian but were unable to get to him before his guardians were able to make an escape. The escape was short-lived however; the stormtroopers managed to capture the boy and he was escorted to the Imperial Naval Academy nearby where his father was awaiting him.[5]

The Imperial Academy[]

At the Academy, Divinian began being indoctrinated in Imperial Naval life. After spending some time at the academy, Trever Flume was enlisted to rescue him. In one class, they were able to best one of the older cadets, Kestrel; however, Divinian's father received word from Senator Sano Sauro that Darth Vader needed someone for a "special project." When Bog Divinian decided to send his son, both Divinian and Flume tried to escape but were caught by Maggis, the head instructor. The two were separated and Divinian met with his father again who turned him over to Vader for the project. As Divinian was escorted off the premises with Vader, the boy was made aware that he was to be a test subject for a memory-altering drug created by the scientist Jenna Zan Arbor. Before the drug could be applied, Divinian was rescued by Ferus Olin and, after jumping from a window, they were both rescued by Flume and a defective Maggis. Safely away from his father and Vader, Divinian then returned to the asteroid to continue his training with Master Garen Muln. Peace was short-lived once more, as Vader led an assault group against the asteroid. Before the base and all its occupants were destroyed, the three Jedi stationed there loaded Divinian into an escape pod, ensuring that he would live to grow and carry on their cause.[6]


Lune Divinian in 0 ABY.

Having been reunited with his mother after escaping the asteroid, Divinian was raised by Astri Oddo and Clive Flax, along with a purposefully brainwashed Trever Flume on a world far from the Empire's reach. However, his parents continued to involve themselves in anti-Imperial works. They and Trever apparently died on one mission.

By 0 ABY, Divinian was operating as a mercenary pilot under the pseudonym 'Div'. He was one of many mercenaries hired by X-7 to hunt down Luke Skywalker on Kamino. After crash landing on the planet and assisting Skywalker, he was taken prisoner and held on Yavin 4 by the Alliance to Restore the Republic, who wanted to know where to find his employer. Imperial agents later abducted him from his cell, and Skywalker left to find him.[7]

Upon being found by Skywalker, the pair fought off attacking Imperials and, with the assistance of Ferus Olin, escaped to a small asteroid. Once safely there, Olin knocked Skywalker unconscious and caught up with Divinian, filling each other in on their past few years they had spent separated. Assisting Skywalker back to a Alliance base, Olin and Divinian both joined the Alliance formally and agreed to hunt down the assassin X-7. On Yavin IV Divinian gave at least one lesson in lightsaber combat to Luke.

During the job, Olin convinced Divinian to trick X-7 into thinking he was Trever Flume, the pair's old friend and Divinian's adopted brother who had apparently died years earlier. In the process of doing so, Divinian became convinced of this himself. While their ruse worked, the confused X-7 turned on Olin and Divinian, shooting Divinian in the shoulder and engaging Olin. When Olin stabbed X-7 in the heart, the assassin begged Divinian to say that he mattered. Divinian consents, recognizing that whether or not X-7 had been Trever, he once had a family that he mattered to.


On his final mission, "Div" sacrificed himself in battle. He crashed his crippled starfighter into a TIE fighter in an attempt to give Alliance members Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa time to escape the Imperial fleet and Darth Vader. His mission complete, Divinian's crippled, burning starfighter plummeted down the gravity well of a nearby world. Divinian either perished in the ensuing crash, or in the system-consuming explosion soon after.[8]



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