«Greetings, sentient. May I take a moment of your time for a question?»
―Lur asking Revan if he had seen Sasha ot Sulem[src]

Lur Arka Sulas was a green-skinned male Twi'lek who lived on Dantooine c. 3956 BBY.[1]


Sulas worked for the rancher Rundil ot Sulem, serving as an aide and executor. When Rundil's daughter Sasha was kidnapped by Mandalorians raiders, Lur went to search for her. His search had taken a number of years, and many sentients had often diverted him away or attempted to take advantage of him for their own greedy reasons. He was at the Jedi Enclave when Revan, along with Bastila Shan and their party arrived at the Enclave after fleeing the destruction of Taris. He eventually asked them for help in locating her. Revan told him he didn't know who Sasha was but offered to find her.

When Sasha was found as a stowaway aboard the Ebon Hawk, Revan first attempted to communicate with her peculiar language before returning back to Dantooine, and informing Sulas of the situation.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

If Sulas is not informed about Sasha before the destruction of Dantooine, the main quest, 'Alien Stowaway' cannot be completed.[1]


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