Lure of the Dark Side is the second Force Pack of the Echoes of the Force Cycle in the Star Wars: The Card Game.

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In the second Force Pack of the cycle, you must choose for yourself whether the power offered by the dark side is worth the cost. The ten objective sets (two copies of five different sets) introduced in Lure of the Dark Side are vital in leading you to victory, whether you seek to rise above the enticements of the dark side, or to draw others to the power offered by hate. Difficult decisions must be made at every turn in Star Wars: The Card Game, and the choices offered by Lure of the Dark Side are no different.


24. Control Room
72. Sith Library
133. Targets of Opportunity
519. Commando Operations
520. General Crix Madine
521. Rebel Commando
522. Adaptive Strategy
523. Seeds of Decay
524. Against All Odds
525. Dash Rendar
526. Shifty Lookout
527. Holding all the Cards
528. Agent of the Emperor
529. Mara Jade
530. Imperial Shadow Guard
531. Mara Jade's Lightsaber
532. Rage
533. Victory or Death
534. Victory-class Star Destroyer
535. Political Reliability Observer
536. Echoes of the Force
537. The Findsman's Intuition
538. Zuckuss
539. 4-LOM
540. Containment Field
541. Springing the Ambush
542. Pay Out

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