This article is about the species found on Belsavis. You may be looking for Lurkers, mutated survivors of the Gassing of Anoat.

Lurkers were a non-sentient amphibian species found primarily on the planet Belsavis. They were carrion eaters that preferred to live in tropical environments. They never got too near to settlements or to anything that could be a threat for a single specimen, in fact, they usually traveled and hunted in packs, striking with amazing ferocity, downing their preys for later consumption.

It was believed by biologists serving the Hutt Cartel that the lurkers originated on an unnamed jungle world on the edges of the Torch Nebula. They were first spotted in the galaxy on Belsavis, about two hundred years before the Cold War, and then they began appearing on more and more worlds. These creatures' existence left a great mystery, since no convincing explanation was given for their wide spread.



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