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Lutrillia was a planet in the Yarith sector of the Outer Rim, on the Lutrillian Cross hyperlane. An important export of Lutrillia was ochroid dust.


It was a cold, arid planet of windswept tundra with endless, remarkably level continents. Once, the planet was home to shallow seas, but they dried up over the millennia, leaving but a handful of oases.


Lutrillia was the homeworld of nearly 800 million Lutrillians. The native Lutrillians evolved a nomadic lifestyle to avoid subterranean predators, and to visit widely dispersed water sources. This lifestyle adapted to modern technology, with over one hundred wheeled platform-cities crossing the planet at its equator, stripping the surface of food, water, and iron ore. Half of the cities traveled east and half traveled west. Many thousands of smaller vehicles transported passengers and cargo between these rolling behemoths. Additionally, since a stalled vehicle would likely become prey to such burrowing predators as nippers and chompers, spare parts were a critical import.

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