Luugro: «You seem to be taking great interest in our progress. Do you need something, little man?»
Rodian: «Quiet, Luugro! That's Calo Nord, the infamous bounty hunter!»
Calo Nord: "There's a bounty on your little green heads. I'm here to collect."
Luugro: «The only way you'll collect that bounty is over our cold, dead bodies!»
Calo Nord: "That's the plan."
Calo Nord, about to kill Luugro and a Rodian[src]

Luugro was a male Rodian living on Taris in 3956 BBY He had a bounty on his head, along with another unidentified Rodian, for an unknown reason. He was killed by Calo Nord.


Luugro and a fellow Rodian were walking in the Lower City Apartments when they ran across Calo Nord. Luugro, not realizing the bounty hunter's identity, mocked Calo. His friend did recognize Calo, and warned Luugro to shut up. However, Luugro did not heed him.

Luugro and his friend, in fact, had a bounty on their heads. Calo shot Luugro and his friend dead and left the apartments to collect the bounty. Revan witnessed the killing as he entered the apartment.[1]



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