"Who are you?"
"If you're asking me that, beautiful, you're better off not knowing.
―The Jedi Exile and Luxa[src]

Luxa was a Zeltron female who worked for The Exchange's branch aboard Citadel Station over Telos IV. She was a high-ranking member who reported directly to Loppak Slusk, chief of Exchange operations in the Telos sector based on the station. Luxa had dark red hair and striking pink skin, most of which was visible due to her revealing fashion choices.


When the Jedi Exile arrived on Citadel Station with Atton Rand and Kreia, and made her way to the cantina there, she was introduced to Luxa and Benok, who was something of a rival of the Zeltron within the criminal group there as he was in charge of Slusk's "muscle". Later, after the party discovered the disappearance of the Ebon Hawk while collecting their possessions at the Telos Security Force's station, Luxa offered to introduce the Exile and her party to Slusk. In a not-so-subtle manner, Luxa let on to the Exile that she found her quite attractive. She would only assist the Exile if she remove the Quarren crime boss, thus allowing her to assume his position. In return, Luxa offered to assist in helping the Exile find the Ebon Hawk. The alliance was short-lived, however, as Luxa betrayed the Exile in attempt to cash in on Goto's bounty on live Jedi, and was killed in the ensuing battle.

Behind the scenes

During a confrontation with Slusk, Luxa, and their respective bodyguards, the Exile recieves a counter-offer from Slusk, who tells her that "all is forgiven" if the Exile kills Luxa. Three options become available:

  • The Exile agrees to Slusk's terms and attacks Luxa and her Gamorrean body guards (a task made somewhat easier with the help of Slusk's defense turrets).
  • The Exile can also argue for a peaceful solution to the conflict, only to be attacked by Luxa.
  • The Exile can also kill Slusk (which gives no light or dark side points), only to have Luxa betray her. Luxa still answers to Slusk's superior, Goto, and makes her own attempt at cashing in on the Exile's bounty. To escape she killed Luxa and her Gamoreans. The Exile can also fight both Luxa and Slusk at the same time.

Luxa will flirt with and attempt to seduce the Exile, regardless of gender.

If the player sides with Jana Lorso, then Luxa will demand, as a test of good faith, that the Exile to conduct an arms deal in her stead. The Exile agrees, and she is forced to kill the buyers when the deal goes sour. The buyers were intended to be members of the GenoHaradan, but the lines relating to the organization were cut.


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