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«A Hutt without a sail barge is like a smoke moth without wings.»
Huttese saying[src]

The Luxury-class sail barge was a large repulsorlift sail barge produced by Ubrikkian Industries during the time of the Galactic Empire.


Sailbarge schem

Sail barge schematics

The Luxury-class sail barge had a top speed of one hundred kilometers per hour over a variety of relatively flat terrain, including water or sand, or a speed of thirty kilometers per hour relying solely on its large sails for propulsion.[3] The primary propulsion system was generally a three-chambered repulsorlift engine. A pair of decorate steering vanes at the stern of the vessel provided the vessel with its maneuvering capabilities. The entire vessel was powered by a series of batteries and power cells at the forward part of the vessel.[3][4]

It required a crew of twenty-six to fly, and could handle up to five hundred passengers and two thousand metric tons of cargo. In order to keep the vessel cool, an air conditioning unit was installed.[3]


Sail barges were commonly popular amongst Hutt crime lords, since the vessels allowed them to travel in style along with their retinue. Jabba Desilijic Tiure owned a modified, armed version of the Ubrikkian barge, named Khetanna. This vessel was destroyed by its own deck-mounted blaster cannon, fired by Luke Skywalker, during the rescue of Han Solo at the Battle of the Great Pit of Carkoon on Tatooine.

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Strafing Run EotE by Mark Molnar

A Luxury-class sail barge attacked by cloud cars

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