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Indulgent-class luxury starliner EotEFH

An Indulgent-class luxury starliner

The luxury liner or luxury starliner designation applied to civilian starships over 100 meters long that could carry more than 250 passengers.

The designation included purpose-designed passenger ships, notably the various types denoted by the M-class designation, but it was also included ships using converted freighter hulls.

Luxury liners were regarded as a subtype of the even broader passenger liner classification. They often carried fewer people than the smaller SSP type, offering spacious cabins and impressive recreational areas on longer voyages. However, some luxury liners, like the famous Kuari Princess, were quite sizable vessels with accommodation and facilities for thousands of people.

For self-defense, they were typically armed with blasters and deflector shields, not military-grade, but sufficient to deter all but the most determined pirates and slavers.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Star Wars Sourcebook describes traveling on a luxury liner as costing more money than most make in their lifetimes, but gives a relatively low base price equivalent to buying a blaster rifle or used speeder bike.

The 100-meter minimum size for luxury liners is also the minimum size for all capital ships.

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