The Lwhekk-class Manufacturing Ship was a Ssi-ruuk vessel used to manufacture Swarm-class battle droids, laser cannons, ion cannons, droids, melee weapons and a number of other necessary goods for the Ssi-ruuvi warfare.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The Lwhekk-class manufacturing ship was 624 meters long and was deployed to the far rear of a battleground. Cargo shunt systems delivered raw materials—usually asteroids and raw debris—to the refinement bays, which process the materials into the finished goods.

These ships were crewed by 300 Ssi-Ruuk and 1,000 P'w'eck slaves, with a skeleton crew option of half that optimal number. These ships also carried 7,500 P'w'eck slave workers, and had enough space to store 2,000 battle droids. They were armed with 3 turbolaser batteries and 20 tractor beam projectors.

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