Lyda Skims was a Human female who served as a Rebel Alliance spy, code named Skimmer. During the time of the Galactic Civil War, she was responsible for stealing the plans for a secret Imperial project called Project Dead Eye. Evading capture, Lyda was eventually rescued by a Rebel operative, allowing plans for the Dead Eye prototype to fall firmly into the hands of the Alliance.

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Skims was born around 23 BBY to Lynn and Doyle Skims and had a brother, Athon. Her job working at her mother's textile factory on Corellia gave her a knowledge of clothing design, engineering and droid repair. Her other interests included arts and modern dance. After the deaths of her father and brother while serving the Alliance, Lyda was devastated and decided to continue their tradition of service.

Though she lacked significant combat skills, she served as a spy on undercover missions for the Alliance such as the investigation of Imperial Project Dead Eye in about 1 ABY. On that mission, Lyda recovered secret plans related to the project, and promptly went into hiding for a period of several weeks. Datadiscs outlining the initial report of her findings were intercepted by the Alliance, but were misappropriated by several underworld organizations, including the Meatlumps and various swoopers. Agents in the field had some luck recovering the disks, but many remained missing.

The Rebel leader Princess Leia Organa, eager for more information on the project, wished to find Lyda before the Empire discovered her whereabouts. Still in hiding, though committed to her mission, Lyda attempted delivery of a datadisc at a designated drop zone. She was hampered, however, by a previously unknown Imperial patrol in the drop area. Rather than abort the mission, she attempted surveillance of the Imperial facility in the area by climbing a fence to get better footage of their operations. However, Imperial agents detected her, caught her, and charged her with trespassing.

An Imperial transport was dispatched to deliver her for processing. However, when the transport experienced a mechanical failure, she used that opportunity to make her escape into the wilderness. Despite the botched surveillance attempt, data acquired from the operation proved to be of the highest quality, and Lyda managed to remain in hiding until she encountered an operative sent by the Alliance to find her.

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