"You were too young to realize the sewer that the Old Republic had become. Grand Moff Lynch took control and changed all that. He is strong...and we will help him keep the any way possible!"
Admiral Trommer[src]

Grand Moff Lynch Hauser was a high-ranking official within the Galactic Empire.


When Emperor Palpatine declared his Galactic Empire in 19 BBY, Hauser was made Grand Moff of the Dustig Oversector and assumed the role of commander of the 17th Sector Army.[1]

Hauser later assigned TIE pilot Ranulf Trommer to spy on the corrupt Governor Grigor. Eventually, Trommer was able to send a report back with proof of Grigor's unsanctioned operations. After the news was brought to him, he and Admiral Trommer, Ranulf's father, came to M'haeli to see first-hand the treachery of Governor Grigor.

When Ranulf asked Hauser what he was planning to do with Mora, the leader of the Rebel resistance on M'haeli, the Moff told the man that he was planning to execute her. However, Ranulf was in love with the rebel and could not accept this decision and thus, killed a stormtrooper under Hauser's command in order to rescue Mora. Hauser had an open shot at Ranulf yet was interrupted by the latter's father. Mora and Ranulf hence escaped and fled off-world. Due to Ranulf's defection, Hauser placed a bounty on the former.



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