Lynia Delline worked as Mon Mothma's aide during the early years of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Her ancestors were "a little…different"[1], and as such she had certain abilities with ideas. She described her work as "observing things" for Mon Mothma.


Lynia Delline was born in the years surrounding the fall of the Galactic Republic and grew up during the reign of Emperor Palpatine. Little was known of her early life but, some time prior to 0 BBY, she joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic and became an aide to the Alliance's Chief of State, Mon Mothma. She would later describe her job as observing things for the Rebel leader.[1]

In 0 BBY, Delline accompanied Mon Mothma to the Outer Rim planet Agamar aboard the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Independence. On Agamar, Mon Mothma addressed members of the Agamar Resistance, hoping to persuade them to join the Rebel Alliance. After the Chief of State gave her speech, Delline moved among the assembled crowd, distributing copies of the Rebel pamphlet, A Call to Reason, before assisting the other Rebels present with removing all evidence that the meeting had taken place. One of the Agamarians, Keyan Farlander, approached her and announced that he had decided to join the Alliance as a starfighter pilot, and Delline made sure he understood the commitment he was making before introducing him to a recruiter.[1]



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