"That's why I killed her, you know. Your "Fe Sun". Zeltrons are seen as manipulative. Not as someone to be respected. Not in the worlds I work in. But killing a Jedi? Ah, now that makes you dangerous."
―Lyshaa to Shaak Ti during the Battle of Brentaal IV[src]

Lyshaa was a female Zeltron criminal operating in the galactic underworld during the years prior to and during the Clone Wars. Lyshaa took the life of Jedi Master Shaak Ti's Padawan, Fe Sun.


Lyshaa claimed she killed the Jedi apprentice to gain prestige in the underworld, though this was not the first time the Zeltron had committed murder: years earlier, Lyshaa had killed her own family in a fit of rage. For her part in the murder of Fe Sun, Lyshaa was imprisoned on Brentaal IV, where she befriended the Wookiee warrior Ryyk. When Separatist Commander Shogar Tok assumed control of Brentaal IV during the Clone Wars, Lyshaa joined Ryyk and fellow prisoner Sagoro Autem in staging a prisoner revolt.

Lyshaa rage

Lyshaa in a rage against Shaak Ti.

At the time, the Grand Army of the Republic was staging an assault on Shogar Tok's fortress—the former prison—and General Shaak Ti led her troops inside the structure. Ti and Lyshaa came face-to-face, though the Jedi Master was able to restrain her emotions and enlist Lyshaa's group to assist in bringing down Shogar Tok. While Autem, Ryyk and Quinlan Vos set out to disable the fortress defenses, Shaak Ti and Lyshaa embarked on a mission to capture Tok, culminating in a confrontation in the Commander's control room.

Lyshaa used the natural charms of her species to seduce Shogar Tok, whereupon Shaak Ti arrived to force Tok's surrender. However, still distrustful of the Jedi, Lyshaa pulled a blaster on Shaak Ti, shooting the Togruta in the stomach, and pledged her allegiance to Shogar Tok. Shaak Ti managed to recover from her wound, and killed Tok after a fierce duel. Realizing the Jedi would again try to get her, Lyshaa fled, finding herself standing in a lightstorm chamber. Rather than hand herself over to the Jedi, suspecting that Ti would kill her as soon as she was within striking range, Lyshaa tripped the chamber's sensors, activating hundreds of laser beams. She was killed instantly.



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