"They want to destroy the planetary government so that they can swoop in and take over. Maybe it's the geodes, the chando beasts, or something they found out in the desert that no one knows about. Strange things happen out in the desert."
―Lyssa Torel, on the Corporate Sector Authority[src]

Lyssa Torel was a female Human who worked as a low-ranking bureaucrat on the planet Endregaad[1] during the reign of the New Republic. In 19 ABY,[2] Endregaad was quarantined by the Corporate Sector Authority after a viral outbreak on the world, leading to the collapse of the planet's civilian government. Torel took shelter insider her office in the City Hall in Tel Bollin, the world's capital. While Torel did not contract the disease, because she was one of the few Humans that had a natural immunity to it, she became added as a result of her experiences during the outbreak, and she blamed the spread of the virus on the CSA.[1]

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