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M'haeli was an agriworld in the Expansion Region ruled by a hereditary Human monarchy, despite its indigenous species being the H'drachi. Under the New Order, the planet was under the authority of Governor Grigor and Grand Moff Lynch Hauser. It was the homeworld of Ixidro Legorburu.


An agrarian world located in the galaxy's Expansion Region, the planet was mountainous with vast plains separating the mountain ranges. Large fungus grew in the mountain ranges around falls and waterways. The capital city N'croth was located on the equator of the world and enjoyed a temperate climate.[3]


Discovered by the Galactic Republic during the Great Manifest Period, the planet M'haeli was colonized by Humans who pushed the native H'drachi out of the government and placed them in ghettos across the planet. M'haeli was not involved in the many galactic conflicts which engulfed the galaxy over the centuries, remaining under the control of the Republic since joining the ancient government.[2]

When the Galactic Empire replaced the Republic at the end of the Clone Wars, the Imperial governance occupied the world and oppressed the H'drachi. In 17 BBY, missiles from an unknown offworld attacker destroyed the royal palace on M'haeli, leaving a power vacuum that was filled by the nascent Empire. Although the native H'drachi population resented the occupation, they felt that their mystical abilities granted to them by the "time-stream" would allow them to ride out the difficult times. The Human population was not as submissive, however, and began an active guerrilla resistance, in league with the wider Alliance to Restore the Republic. The Rebels deemed M'haeli a strategic refuelling hub between nearby systems. It is unknown whether the Galactic Empire initially attached the same importance to the world, although that changed when it was discovered that it was rich in dragite crystals.[3]

The situation on M'haeli escalated sharply in 0 ABY when Grand Moff Lynch sent Lieutenant Ranulf Trommer to investigate the suspicious activities of Governor Grigor. A young woman named Mora, whom Trommer fell in love with, was revealed to be the heir to the M'haeli throne. Trommer defected to the Rebellion and aided Princess Leia Organa in defeating Grigor at the Battle of Red Rock. Although victorious, the Rebels were then forced offworld by the arrival of Imperial forces under Grand Moff Lynch, leaving M'haeli under occupation and scheduled to be turned into an armaments factory.[3]



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