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The M'onnok was a dangerous, semi-sentient desert predator from the world of Socorro. Intelligent enough to create spears, clubs, and some simplistic tools, the m'onnok were respected by Socorran nomads for their hunting ability. It was not believed, however, that the m'onnok had developed a true language. These mostly solitary hunters stood as tall as 2.3 meters and lived primarily on a diet of druyza and mutrioks. They were mostly found in the Rym Mountains and Doaba Badlands of Socorro.

A m'onnok as represented in dejarik.

Smugglers considered the sight of a m'onnok to signify the beginning of a dangerous, but greatly rewarding journey.

The M'onnok was represented as a holomonster playing piece in the game of dejarik.

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