"Oh dear. Oh, dear me. What would Master Jarstein think? To inflict harm on a fellow being… I suppose circumstances require it. Sir? Excuse me, sir? Do you mind if I…"

M-3PO was a 3PO-series protocol droid who was the property of an individual named Jarstein. At one point in his operational history, M-3PO aided an imprisoned smuggler named Roark Garnet in an escape attempt. Garnet was impeded by restraints and encouraged M-3PO to strangle a sleeping guard with a feather boa. Although M-3PO protested, citing the fact that he was not "programmed to attack sentient beings," he relented. However, M-3PO decided that the correct thing to do would be to ask the guard for permission and he did so. This decision caused Garnet some degree of exasperation, since M-3PO's query awoke the guard.[1]


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