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The M-68 landspeeder was a model of landspeeder manufactured by Mobquet Swoops and Speeders. A civilian model, the M-68 was popular among Corellian speeder enthusiasts due to the ease with which its repulsorlift generator could be modified and overcharged. It came in both a hard top and convertible configuration and had a duraplex windscreen.

An overpowered speeder of this type was stolen from Kilmo by Han on Corellia, and later used by him and Qi'ra during their attempt to escape from the White Worms, leading to a chase with Moloch's A-A4B truckspeeder.


The M-68 was a compact civilian landspeeder model manufactured by Mobquet Swoops and Speeders and marketed to a youth audience. Available in both hardtop and open-air models, the M-68 was a high-performance vehicle powered by a 289-hirep repulsorlift generator and two propulsion thrusters. Air was drawn into the speeder's custom cool-burning injectrine engines through the large, exposed inlet on the front grille. Each thruster had a variable exhaust nozzle that adjusted to shape and direct the thrust, allowing a pilot to spin the speeder at high speeds. The repulsorfield also helped to generate better traction control, and was generated from transmitter banks between the rear-mounted thrusters.[1] The speeder featured air vents on the forward engine's front and dorsal surfaces to keep it cool,[6] including an exposed cooling fan fore of the windshield to cool the repulsorlift generator.[1]

The speeder seated two, a pilot and passenger, behind its duraplex windshield,[7] and featured a racing-style steering wheel with cut-out handles. A smooth spoiler behind the seats reduced air drag, and was fitted with an airspeed tracker and telemetry antenna. The vehicle's sides lacked the sleek finish of the chassis, instead exposing side ducting, fuel lines, and speed-governor mechanisms.[1]


Han piloted a stolen M-68 on Corellia.

The M-68 was considered a classic by street racing enthusiasts,[1] who referred to it as a "street blaster bolt",[6] and particularly Corellian speeder enthusiasts.[2] Its 289-hirep could be easily modified and overcharged by thrill-seekers.[1]

An overpowered,[1] street-racing-quality M-68 was owned by Kilmo, brand-new as of his attempted coaxium deal with the scrumrat Han in Coronet City on Corellia. When the deal fell apart, Han fled and discovered the speeder, unprotected save for its security system. Han hid from his pursuers underneath the speeder,[8] and, recognizing its capabilities at a glance, employed a simple bit of hotwiring to steal it. He hung his set of aurodium-plated chance cubes from the landspeeder's windshield as a good luck charm.[1] Han drove it back to the Den of the White Worms where he later fled in the company of Qi'ra after an altercation with Lady Proxima. They were pursued by Moloch in his A-A4B truckspeeder, and were forced to ditch the M-68 when Han attempted a maneuver that left it wedged between two buildings. He and Qi'ra escaped on foot to the Coronet Spaceport.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

The shared engine part of the Halberd-441 and M-68 landspeeder

The M-68 landspeeder first appeared in the 2018 film Solo: A Star Wars Story. As shown in The Art of Solo: A Star Wars Story, the Dodge Charger automobile brand and the Chevrolet Malibu mid-size car model were early influences for the landspeeder.[9] The M-68 landspeeder used the same engine parts as Tayshin Maxa and Baroosh Pawk's Halberd-441 swoop bike, with a few modifications.[10]

The vehicle was built by Lucasfilm's prop department. They used many "greebles" such as an aircraft's refueling hose. It was designed like a sports car, in comparison's to Moloch's speeder, which was designed after a truck.[11]

The speeder chase in the beginning of the film was a mixture of practical effects—a four-wheel drive vehicle—and CGI. Additionally, Skywalker Sound wanted to use real-world sounds to differentiate the speeders; part of the sound was recorded using homemade pulse-jet engines.[11]


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