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The M-class starfighter was a large hyperdrive-equipped starfighter used by the Rebel Alliance.



A pair of M-class starfighters descend from the Alliance Fleet above Hoth in 3 ABY.

Roughly 40 meters in length, the M-class starfighter was formed by a central fuselage with two angular wings attached at the center. Each wing was tipped with a heavy laser cannon and used large engine nacelles salvaged from wrecked BTL Y-wing starfighters.[1]

The central fuselage's tip contained a large two-seat cockpit. While the vessel could be flown by a single pilot, a co-pilot could embark to manage the navigation computer and secondary systems.[2]


M-class starfighters were stationed at Echo Base on Hoth in 3 ABY.[1] One was ferried to the surface by Chewbacca. A second, piloted by Han Solo and copiloted by Leia Organa, was severely damaged during an ice storm and crashed. Solo and Organa were forced to spend the night in the downed vessel until Chewbacca and Beta Omega rescued them.[2]



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