M1-4X, also known as a M1-4X Advanced War Droid or colloquially as Forex, was a unique assault droid built by Doctor Boab Deduun of the Galactic Republic. Initially developed under Project Ignition with a production cost of 15 million credits, Forex was abandoned due to the complications with its power core but secretly completed by Deduun with the patronage of Harron Tavus.


M1-4X was a prototype assault droid designed by the Republic but was abandoned due to their scientists being unable to activate its power core.

During the Cold War, Republic Special Task Force defectors led by Captain Andrik salvaged M1-4X and attempted to fully activate him on Nar Shaddaa, using his own command codes to turn him against the Republic. Havoc Squad, tasked with tracking down the traitors, encountered Forex and was forced to destroy the droid. SIS was later able to rebuild Forex to serve in Havoc Squad.

During his service with the squad, Forex, with his CO's leave, formed an initiative with Republic Command and the SIS to take down "impossible" Imperial targets to improve military morale: the Ambassador, Sith Lord Kavos, and Colonel Rebus.

During the Eternal Empire's conquest, Forex's CO went missing and Havoc was called to the front lines. For a year, he and Jorgan were stuck in trench warfare until the war was lost. Afterward, most of Havoc disbanded, with Yuun and Vik leaving the military, Dorne being removed from the Squad by Chancellor Saresh, and Forex being called to Coruscant to be used as a voice of freedom.

Four years after they lost the war, Forex was recruited into the Outlander's Alliance, dedicated to bringing an end to the Eternal Throne.

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Being a droid, M1-4X was programmed to be completely loyal, fervently patriotic, and willing and eager to go to any length or face any risk in order to destroy the Republic's enemies.

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M1-4X is a companion character for the Trooper class in the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG video game.[3] He is voiced by Tom Kane.

In the expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire, M1-4X can only be recruited into the Alliance if the Outlander was one of the four classes aligned with the Republic. Otherwise, he would claim his programming prevented him from siding with an individual associated with the Sith Empire.



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