The M102 Fire Arc Artillery Piece was a heavy projectile cannon produced by Golan Arms. Originally designed for the Galactic Empire, disinterest in the system led it to be sold on the open market, including to the Rebel Alliance.

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An attempt to recreate a market for lob-shell artillery, the M102 was a modern re-envisioning of the old, slow, towed artillery pieces of the past.[1] Essentially a weapons platform, the M102 consisted of a slow moving heavily armored repulsorlift chassis, a large bore artillery cannon, and a Tana Ire GroundSweeper-3 sensor dome (for accuracy at short ranges), the M102 was capable of firing a projectile over great distances - including against targets far out of its line of sight - up to a distance of 20 kilometers.[1] Operated by a crew of 4, the M102 had a twenty shell capacity, with each shell consisting of a fragmenting shell capable of producing a twenty meter blast.[1] While powerful, the fragmenting nature of these shells meant they weren't very durable; because of this, precision laser fire - with great difficulty - is capable of shooting down shells in transit to their target.[1]

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