M2-D8[2] was an astromech droid[1] originally built to operate in collapsed mining tunnels. However, the droid eventually fell into the hands of a clever but malicious mechanic who re-equipped it for combat.[2]

Several months into the Iron Blockade, the Galactic Empire's attempt to prevent the Anoat sector's populace from learning of the crushing Imperial defeat at the hands of the Alliance to Restore the Republic in the Battle of Endor,[1] M2-D8 joined the crew of a young smuggler, who dispatched the droid on a variety of missions throughout the sector.[2]

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"Log in 20 days this month to earn the 5-star Astromech Crew Member."
―A Star Wars: Uprising Message of the Day[src]

M2-D8 was created for the canon action role-playing game Star Wars: Uprising, which was developed by Kabam for iOS and Android platforms[1] and released on September 10, 2015.[3] Designed by Brian Matyas, the then-unnamed "Mini-Astromech" was originally intended to be owned by Riley but instead became a potential crew member that the Smuggler, the player's in-game avatar, can obtain.[4] M2-D8 was first revealed on the pre-registration screen of Star Wars: Uprising's official website as an "Astromech Crew Member" that pre-registrants could vote to receive as an exclusive in-game reward,[5] though the now-named unique five-star crew member was ultimately made available as a Stamp Sheet reward for players who logged in 20 days during the month of February 2016.[1] It is strong on Crystal Finder, Offensive, and Technical Runs.[2]

Although the player does not need to acquire M2-D8, this article assumes 100 percent game completion of Star Wars: Uprising, which means the droid joined the Smuggler's crew and was sent on Crew Runs.[1]



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