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"You see? That indicates a hypermatter particle leak. The damage is at a microscopic level, likely localized to one of the several hundred radiation refractors in the Thunderstrike."

M2-M5 was an engineering droid in the service of the Alliance to Restore the Republic's Sixty-First Mobile Infantry, also known as Twilight Company. During the Galactic Civil War, the droid used its multiple skills to serve Twilight Company as a mechanic and later chief of engineering. M2-M5 was destroyed when the Thunderstrike was shot down on the planet Sullust.


"We have engine problems because my ship keeps being attacked. And my ship keeps being attacked because we have engine problems."

As head of engineering for Twilight Company, M2-M5 was in charge of the company's repair crews, and often blasted them with snide remarks as he gave them instructions. Some of Twilight's crew disliked the droid, including Captain Hazram Namir, who didn't trust machines who could think. M2-M5 referred to the Thunderstrike as his own, even though he was merely the chief of engineering. Despite M2-M5's sarcastic attitude, he was a loyal droid, and died protecting its fellow Twilight members in the crash of the Thunderstrike.[1]


"Do you think the damage occurred in that first attack?"
"It is likely, I suspect even the Imperials did not identify our trail until Coyerti. Regardless, I do not have adequate equipment to render repairs."
―Hazram Namir and M2-M5[src]

M2-M5's left arm was equipped with an assortment of metal picks and other tools, which could extend and retract in and out of the droid's wrist. M2-M5's hands were fitted with sensors that allowed the droid to detect problems such as hypermatter particle leaks. These sensors activated red and green lights on the droid's instruments, indicating what needed to be fixed. The same lights could also be used to display the droid's mood. When operating outside the Thunderstrike, M2-M5 was wrapped in transparent duraplast to protect the droid's joints from dust.[1]

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M2-M5 first appeared in Alexander Freed's canon novel, Battlefront: Twilight Company, released on November 3, 2015.[2]


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