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MAD about Star Wars: Thirty Years of Classic Parodies is a collection of MAD Magazine comic book spoofs on Star Wars which was published in 2007 by Del Rey. The comic panels are accompanied by comments and anecdotes relating to various aspects of Star Wars production and MAD's history with Star Wars. It also contains an introduction by Jonathan Bresman and a foreword by George Lucas himself, in which he admits to being a MAD fan. Moreover, the comic panels are accompanied by humorous non-Star Wars jokes, so-called marginals, by Sergio Aragonés which as a MAD Magazine tradition. All Star Wars-related covers are also included in this volume as are all Star Wars related fold-ins.



  • Foreword by George Lucas
  • Introduction by Jonathan Bresnan
  • Disclaimer to Preempt Fan Nitpicking

Comics, spoofs and other material[]

  • Star Roars, MAD #196, January 1978
  • MAD mocks Star Wars merchandise
  • A MAD look at Star Wars , MAD #197, March 1978
  • The Force and I: The MAD Star Wars Musical, MAD #203, December 1978
  • Star Bores: The Empire Strikes Out, MAD #220, January 1981
  • George Lucas's Letter to MAD in Admiration of Star Bores: The Empire Strikes Out, November 25, 1980
  • The Star Wars Log, MAD #230, April 1982
  • One Fine Day in a Galaxy, Far, Far Away, MAD Star Wars Spectacular, 1996
  • Star Bores: Re-hash of the Jeti, MAD #242, October 1983

Zader versus Lube in Star Bores: Re-hash of the Jeti

  • Don Martin's Return of the Jedi Out-takes, MAD #243, December 1983
  • Star Wars Playsets You May Have Missed, MAD #354, February 1997
  • One Day on the Snowy Plains of Hoth (back cover), MAD #354, February 1997
  • Updating Star Wars for the Future, MAD #354, February 1997
  • Star Wars Macarena, MAD #354, February 1997
  • A MAD Peek Behind the Scenes at the Making of the Star Wars Trilogy, MAD Star Wars spectacular, 1996
  • Thank-you Note from George Lucas, February 11, 1997
  • Star Wars, MAD #377, January 1999
  • Countdown to... Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, MAD #383, July 1999
  • MAD's Celebrity Cause-of-Death Betting Odds: George Lucas, MAD #383, July 1999
  • Forcefully Palm, MAD #400, December 2000
  • Star Bores: Epic Load I The Fandumb Megamess, MAD #385, September 1999
  • A MAD Look at Episode I: The Fantom Menace: The Hype, MAD #385, September 1999
  • A MAD Look at Episode I: The Fantom Menace, MAD #385, September 1999
  • Jar-Jar Binks: Intergalactic Stepin Fetchit, MAD #389, June 2000
  • The 21 Hottest Internet Rumors Regarding Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones ', MAD #418, June 2002
  • Spy Vs. Spy: Star Wars: Attack of the Clones , MAD #419, July 2002
  • The Jedi Bunch, MAD #419, Jult 2002
  • Anakin Skywalker: The High School Years, MAD #419, July 2002
  • Startling Similarities Between Star Wars and War on Terrorism, MAD #419, July 2002
  • Who's in the Crowd in the New Star Wars Sentate Scene, MAD #419, July 2002
  • MAD 's Ecchbay Item of the Month: Attack of the Clones, MAD #419, July 2002
  • A MAD Look at Star Wars: Attack of the Clones , MAD #421, September 2002
  • Monroe and Star Wars , MAD #454, June 2005
  • Spy Vader Spy
  • Star Bores: Epic Load II Attack of the Clowns, MAD #421, September 2002
  • Gulf Wars: Episode II CLone of the Attack, MAD #424, December 2002
  • Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith Opening Crawl, The Annotated Version, MAD#454, June 2005
  • A Day in the Life of George Lucas, MAD#, 454, June 2005
  • What Caused Anakin Skywalker to Become Darth Vader?, MAD#454, June 2005
  • If the Star Wars Galaxy had Classified Ads, MAD#455, July 2005
  • Titles George Lucas Considered for the Next Star Wars Movie, MAD#447, November 2004
  • Star Bores: Epic Load III Retread of the Sh*t!, MAD#456, August 2006
  • Forced Laughter, MAD#459, November 2005
  • Rejected Star Wars Stamps, MAD#479, July 2007
  • The MAD Star Wars Celebrity Yearbook


George Lucas according to Mort Drucker

  • Where Are Some Very Successful Actors Coming From Lately?, MAD #199, June 1978
  • What Safe, Cheap Star Wars Technology Would We Like To Suggest to the Pentagon?, MAD #256, July 1985
  • What Epic Struggle Will Resume This Summer but Fail to Live Up to Its Predecessor?, MAD #381, May 1999
  • What Eagerly Anticipated Event Is Finally Upon Us?, MAD #383, July 1999
  • Which Epic Space Battle Will Prove to Be the Bloodiest?, MAD#454, June 2005


  • Alfred as Darth Vader, MAD #196, January 1978
  • The MAD Star Wars Musical, MAD #203, December 1978
  • Alfred as Yoda, MAD #220, January 1981
  • Mr. T as Darth Vader and Alfred as Wicket, MAD #242, October 1983
  • Alfred as Jabba the Hutt, MAD #354, February 1997
  • Star Wars Characters' Bodies Spelling Out "Star Wars", MAD Star Wars Spectacular, summer 1999
  • Collector Covers Parodying the Episode I Poster, MAD #383, July 1999
  • Alfred as Darth Maul, MAD #September 1999
  • Collector Covers Parodying Attack of the Clones, MAD #419, July 2002
  • Alfred as Emperor Palpatine, MAD #454, June 2005

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