The MAS-2xB self-propelled turbolaser, also known as a Blaster Artillery, was an immense, ovoid turbolaser platform developed by Loronar Corporation for the New Republic's forces. It was primarily used as a mobile siege weapon.

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The MAS-2xB was ovoid in shape with its small command cabin beneath the rest of the vehicle. Its mass was so great that it relied on seven repulsorlift drives. The vehicle also had slow acceleration and virtually no maneuverability. The MAS-2xB's maximum altitude was 50 meters and its top speed was 45 km/h. It was also twice the size of even the feared AT-AT walkers.

This vehicle had a crew of 15 (including six technicians and engineers) which piloted it and manned the fusion generator and repulsorlift systems which were vulnerable to frequent power surges and breakdowns. It also required 16 energy dampeners to prevent power overloads and about half of these had to be replaced after seeing combat. MAS-2xBs also required special docking platforms to allow maintenance and repair.

Armament[edit | edit source]

MAS-2xB schematics.

The MAS-2xB's main weapon was a mounted turbolaser pulsor capable of even destroying the most advanced and sophisticated defense systems. These vehicles could also be deployed against military fortifications, troop bases, transportation centers, and even capital ships though at low altitudes. The MAS-2xB was powered by an immense Republic Engineering Corporation 4.2FC fusion power core.

The turbolaser pulsor used an amplification disc around the turbolaser actuator to focus its energy beam, which had a range stretching from 10 to 30 kilometers and could blast through nearly 20 meters of durasteel, thus giving it the power of the turbolaser of a Star Destroyer. However, the power was so great that its pulsor could fire only once every minute. The pulsor also produced a terrifying roar when firing. To prevent critical meltdowns in combat, four rows of cooling chambers fitted with cryogenic cylinders swept the power core, energy capacitors and the pulsor.

The MAS-2xB was also defended against enemy vehicles by two twin-turbolaser turrets and four heavy laser cannons mounted on the command cabin. It was protected by armor plates two meters thick and six shield generators.

Operational history[edit | edit source]

The MAS-2xB was related to older turbolaser-based weapons including the Rothana Heavy Engineering SPHA walkers,[source?] Speizoc Arms C-136 "Grandfather Gun", and Loronar Corporation Turbolaser System I. This mobile turbolaser-mounted vehicle was commissioned for use by the New Republic's military forces.

However, despite this powerful ability, the MAS-2XB was difficult and expensive to maintain. A single unit also cost nearly one million credits. Thus, the New Republic only maintained a few thousand of these vehicles and deployed them only in strategic battles.

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