MB-13A[3] or MB-13[4] was a BB-series astromech droid in service to the First Order during the occupation of the Colossus. Following a fight with CB-23, the droid fell down an elevator shaft. However, the droid survived the fall and, after the Colossus' escape from Castilon, made its way to engineering, where it scared the Chelidae staff into retreating into their shells. When CB-23, Kazuda Xiono, Neeku Vozo and Torra Doza came down to repair the station's malfunctioning gravity generator and communications after it dropped out of hyperspace, MB-13A waited for them to repair the communications before incapacitating CB-23 and Vozo. After Xiono and Doza discovered the droid was on the loose, it chased them into the engineering room, where they were forced to hide, and attempted to send a signal back to the First Order. Xiono and Doza managed to stop it and throw the droid into space, ending its threat to the Colossus.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The Resistance infiltrator[edit | edit source]

Resistance agent Kazuda Xiono was a perennial foe of MB-13A while stationed on the Colossus.

MB-13A accompanied the First Order forces that occupied the Colossus platform on Castilon during the end of the New Republic era. When the Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono impersonated the stormtrooper CS-515 and stole a data rod from an Upsilon-class command shuttle, MB-13A confronted and attacked the intruder. However, it was overpowered by Xiono, who ripped off the droid's head. Despite this, MB-13A's body was still able to function. Xiono threw the droid's head aside before being led away by Sergeant CS-812.[1]

Serving the First Order[edit | edit source]

MB-13A fighting Resistance droid CB-23.

MB-13A later patrolled Aunt Z's Tavern, monitoring any signs of dissent and disloyalty. When the Aleena Grevel walked into the droid, MB-13A flashed its electro-shock prod. The droid later shocked Aunt Z's service droid Glitch, prompting him to move away. After a pair of stormtroopers placed a propaganda poster in the tavern, MB-13A followed them out.[5]

Later, MB-13A monitored patrons at Aunt Z's Tavern following Captain Imanuel Doza's decision to cancel races in the Colossus under orders from Commander Pyre. The droid listened to a conversation between Kaz and his friends Neeku Vozo and Tamara Ryvora, the latter of whom was sympathetic to the First Order's presence. Shortly after, their friend Torra Doza entered bringing news about the disappearance of Ace Squadron leader Hype Fazon.[5]

MB-13A alerted a pair of stormtroopers, who tried to reassure Torra and her friends that Hype had been given clearance to depart offworld. In truth, he had been arrested by the First Order. MB-13A was present when Aunt Z angrily denounced the First Order and threw out their poster. Soon, she too was arrested and sent to the West Docks for deportation.[5]

Later, MB-13A was carrying refreshments through the Colossus when it was ambushed by the Resistance BB-unit CB-23, who then took its place and passed a message to Captain Imanuel Doza informing him of Kaz's plan to sink the Colossus in order to send a transmission to the Resistance.[6]

Down a shaft[edit | edit source]

During a patrol, MB-13A encountered Kaz and his comrades Torra Doza and CB-23, who had formed a nascent resistance cell. Kaz and his friends tried to hide beneath a trapdoor but MB-13A exposed them and raised the alarm. CB-23 attacked MB-13A and fought with the First Order droid. After damaging its visual processor, she tricked it into falling down an elevator shaft. Following the droid's disappearance, Kaz remarked that there was "only room on the Colossus for one ball droid."[7]

Return and sucked into space[edit | edit source]

MB-13A ambushing Neeku Vozo.

Unbeknownst to Xiono, CB-23 and their allies, MB-13A had actually survived the fall down the shaft. After the Colossus' relaunch into space and escape from Castilon, the droid made its way to the engineering sections of the space station. The Chelidae engineering staff, after becoming aware of the droid's presence and threat, retreated into their shells to avoid the danger. After the Colossus dropped out of hyperspace, it suffered from numerous mechanical failures including the long-range communications and the gravity generator, prompting Xiono, Torra and CB-23, along with Neeku Vozo, to head down to engineering and the hyperdrive chamber to fix the problem.[8]

Once in engineering, Xiono and company discovered the Chelidae in their shells, and, not knowing of MB-13A's presence, assumed them to have been frightened by the station's flight. They began repairing the communications and gravity, unaware that the enemy droid was monitoring them. It took out CB-23 first, after Xiono sent her to repair some systems in a separate, darkened room. Eventually, when Xiono wondered what was taking his droid so long, Vozo went after her and discovered her floating and deactivated, before he was attacked and trussed-up by the enemy droid. After the communications had been repaired, Xiono and Torra went to see why their friends hadn't returned, and found Vozo and CB-23. Vozo warned them to go, but MB-13A arrived before they could. Xiono attempted to distract the enemy droid while Torra tried to untie Vozo, but he was shocked unconscious by the droid and Torra escaped with him. After Xiono regained consciousness, the two headed for the engineering room, eventually hiding from MB-13A in the ceiling.[8]

Xiono and Torra watched the droid prepare to send a coded transmission to the First Order, something that alarmed Captain Doza and Jarek Yeager up on the bridge. Yeager quickly realized that a remaining First Order infiltrator had to be responsible. Xiono jumped down to pull the droid away from the console to prevent it from sending its transmission to Castilon, and, after they were joined by a reactivated CB-23, Xiono and Torra opened a hatch in the floor to blow the infiltrator into space. MB-13A grabbed onto Xiono first with its grappler and later its cables in an attempt to avoid being thrown out, but Torra managed to close the hatch on the cable, which severed it, sending MB-13A drifting into space and saving Xiono's life.[8]

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

MB-13A patrolling the Colossus

MB-13A was a black BB-series astromech droid that was programmed to serve the First Order. It duties included guarding First Order communications,[1] monitoring the public for signs of disloyalty and dissent,[5] carrying refreshments,[6] and patrolling the Colossus' corridors.[7] The droid was hostile towards both civilians and Resistance elements.[5][7] MB-13A had a habit of using its electro-shock prod to intimidate other droids and civilians.[5] While MB-13A could put up a fight, it was no match for both Kazuda Xiono[1] and CB-23.[7]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

MB-13A was armed with an electro-shock prod which it used to attack intruders[1] and intimidate civilians.[5] MB-13A had a red visual processor which was damaged in a fight.[7]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

MB-13A first appeared in the Star Wars Resistance Season 1 episode "The New Trooper".[1] The "MB" in its name stands for "Murder Ball", which is what the crew nicknamed it during production.[9]

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