The MB-C1 medium transport, also known as the Mobquet Medium Transport or Mobquet Medium Cargo Hauler, was a transport ship produced by Mobquet Swoops and Speeders.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Starlight Intruder schematics (a modified Mobquet medium transport).

Although one of the slower transports, its slightly reinforced hull and extra space helped increase its popularity.[4]

The ship consisted of three modular nodes, that could be modified to serve the need of the owner. The standard design included crew quarters, storage, defensive weapons in front node, speeder racks in the second node and computer units in the third node. It wasn't hard to install new weapons, increase the passenger capacity or modify the cargo space.[1]

Common installed weapons were two fire-linked twin medium laser cannons (which were also retractable) and a concussion missile launcher that was dorsal mounted.[5]

History[edit | edit source]

The ship was one the few Mobquet attempts to break into the starship market.[4] Because of Tagge's connection with the Empire, the freighter was licensed as medium transport rather than a heavy cargo carrier.[1]

At least one Mobquet medium transport was used to make up a Hidden Jedi Temple.[6] A Mobquet medium transport was also the basis for the Starlight Intruder's design.[4]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

A Mobquet Medium Transport as seen in Firefly.

The Mobquet Medium Transport is shown in the background of the episodes Serenity, Shindig, and War Stories of the show Firefly. In response, Thomas Hodges, artist of the webcomic Evasive Action: Prey, included the title ship of Firefly in the comic. See Firefly-class mid-bulk transport.

The Mobquet transports in Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance have textures based on the Starlight Intruder, including a shape on top of the second cargo module which is actually a replica of the Millennium Falcon.

Typical specifications vary in many sources, i.e. in Pirates & Privateers it doesn't carry a missile launcher and the length is only 79.3 meters. The armament varies from source to source (often with the statistics of modified examples given as the actual ship's) although the most recent source indicates a laser cannon and a concussion missile launcher, it goes on to state it can be modified with considerable room for added weapon systems.Rebellion Era Campaign Guide'

The typical crew stated in Rebellion Era Campaign Guide is the skeleton crew for The Official Star Wars Fact File; passengers, hyperdrive class and the ship's cost also vary.

It was first identified as MB-C1 medium transport in the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beta.[5]

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