MB-RA-7 was an RA-7 protocol droid that served as an art instructor during the final years of the Old Republic. It had silver plating and black optics.

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

This droid was made as the vintage "Death Star Droid" action figure in the '70s.

This droid was first identified by Hasbro, for its new 2008 action figure resculpt, which was used for the "Build-a-Droid" figure. The designation of MB can be traced back to Star Wars illustrator Matt Busch who had drawn "You Can Draw Star Wars" features in Star Wars Kids, where he labeled his artist RA-7 with his initials to give it an identity.[1]

Lego Star Wars made a minifigure of it in the Death Star set released in 2008.

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